There are many things to consider when applying digital marketing to your staffing firm recruitment strategy. Digital marketing encompasses many things that are, you guessed it, digital and online. This includes your website, social media, various job board sites, and more. When creating your digital marketing strategy for your recruiting efforts, take the points below into consideration and you’ll find your staffing firm recruitment strategy to be successful.

Starting with your Staffing Firm Website…
Your website should be the epitome of your staffing firm recruitment strategy. When posting jobs to your website, it’s important that every job has it’s own landing page and URL. Doing this helps your jobs to be found in search engines. Each job should include all the necessary keywords in order for it to show up in search engines and ultimately lead candidates back to your website.

Your website should not only have SEO applied to each page, but it should also be responsive. This is absolutely necessary for all staffing firm websites these days, as many users actively use mobile devices. We have discussed responsiveness in past blogs, but as a recap, your website is considered to be responsive if it renders well on a variety of devices and window/screen sizes. A responsive website drives more traffic, therefore allowing more users to view your jobs.

staffing firm recruitment strategy

Another thing that’s important for your staffing firm recruitment strategy the application of Google Schema. Google Schema creates, maintains, and promotes schemas for data through the use of tags in your HTML. This improves your SEO efforts by allowing search engines to read and highly rank your website. Applying Google Schema to your webpages is highly recommended, as it increases the chances of your jobs showing up in a candidate’s search results.

Once your SEO is in place and you are now getting traffic from search engines results, it’s time to set up source tracking. Tracking the various sources of incoming applicants allows for your staffing firm to get a sense of what jobs are attracting the most candidates. Tracking your website pages only helps your staffing firm recruitment strategy efforts in the long run, and we highly recommend it gets applied to our site ASAP.

Job Boards
Apart from your website, your job postings should be included in other job sites as well. Sites like Monster, Dice, Indeed, Google Jobs, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, and much more, are there for your digital marketing benefit. These sources allow for your staffing firm to post for traditional recruitment, all while increasing your marketing efforts and website traffic. Posting your job listings to job boards is also a great branding opportunity for your staffing firm. This brings me to my next point of reviewing your job descriptions. Make sure your job descriptions are precise, are easily read, not too long, excludes unnecessary information, and includes an appropriate number of keywords. Your job descriptions have an impact on candidates and are the ultimate deciding factor for applicants, so choose your words wisely.

Social Media
Many social media platforms offer great ad options for recruitment efforts. For instance, you have the opportunity to take advantage of targeted ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, Github, and more. These targeted ads improve your digital marketing capabilities through the action of specifying who is able to see your post. Having a target audience greatly improves the chances of your job descriptions getting views, clicks, and applications. Social media is just one more digital marketing effort in your staffing firm recruitment strategy.

Analyze Your Sourcesstaffing firm recruitment strategy
Through proper analysis, you should be able to see what you are getting out of each of these sources. Tracking systems for your website and social media accounts allow your staffing firm to see what works best and what needs improvement. Regular analysis of your job postings gives the opportunity to fine tune and improve.

Your staffing firm recruitment strategy via digital marketing brings a lot of opportunity. If you have any questions about your digital marketing strategy when it comes to your recruitment efforts, please contact us. Good luck out there and stay safe.

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