Who is your audience? What do they want to see? If you’re not quite sure of your answer, let us help you figure it out! Your staffing firm content marketing strategy is your one-way ticket to understanding what your future clients want to see. So, you may be wondering, what do my clients want to see? Find the answer below:

What does Your Audience Want to See?
The key to a winning staffing firm content marketing strategy is to understand client needs. You want to be able to give your digital audience what they want so they know what your staffing firm is capable of providing. The ultimate goal is to have a more robust strategy in place that addresses specific needs. To determine what is wanted by your audience, you can talk to your current client base. What content do they want to see? Take note.

staffing firm content marketing strategy

Going even further, you should get a basic understanding of your digital audience. Who follows you on social media? What contacts do you have within your email lists? Simple research of who your audience is allows you to pinpoint what kind of content you think is of value to them.

So, now that we’ve covered what kind of content your audience wants to see, it’s time to deliver. In your staffing firm content marketing strategy, there are several ways for you to deliver content. The content you want to deliver is ultimately up to your staffing firm and your audience, but here are some examples that have great impacts:

1. Whitepapers
Whitepapers are in-depth reports on specific topics or capabilities. The purpose is to provide a solution for your clients and audience as well as educate and promote particular issues/methodologies. Essentially, a whitepaper is a product and/or service pitch. It’s a quick and interactive way to present your value to the industry and promote credibility to your audience. Whitepapers are a great addition to your staffing firm content marketing strategy because it serves as a great resource for your prospects and sales team. Building trust and credibility with your audience is very important when it comes to lead generation, and a whitepaper is a great contributor to your professional content.

2. Digital Events
As we are currently living in a world where in-person contact is not feasible, staffing firms are turning to digital events. Digital events have always been great additions to content strategies, but they are very important now more than ever. Digital events such as webinars, panel discussions, and online meet ups are great ways to deliver your content. Discover what is currently trending in your industry or select a topic that you have found your audience is interested in and develop an event around it. These events showcase your staffing firm’s knowledge on various subjects and promote your services to a large audience.

3. Surveysbusiness and marketing strategy
Surveys are a great tactic to conduct research for your staffing firm and provide answers to your audience. It’s interactive and draws traffic to your website. Recently, one of our clients released a survey about the advantages and disadvantages of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. This survey reached a large audience, and they were able to provide more insights on the subject as a result. Surveys are a low cost and convenient way to receive precise results on a particular subject. You can even use a survey to discover exactly what your audience wants to see as far as your content goes. A simple survey asking your audience what they are interested in, what they look for in a staffing firm, what services their organization need, etc. allows you to pinpoint exactly what your staffing firm content marketing strategy should contain.

4. Case Studies
Turn your products and services into a story by creating case studies. Case studies showcase the views of your clients rather than your staffing firm. Typically, they introduce your client, they fill you in on the conflict they experienced in their organization, and they present the resolution provided by your staffing firm. A case study tells a story that is both engaging and relatable. Not only is this great content to provide your audience, but it also serves as collateral for your sales team. If a prospect has a very specific need, you are able to provide a case study that closely resembles their situation as well as show your specific solution for that need.

Your audience wants to see content that they are interested in. Through research and client discussions, you are able to discover what your audience wants to see, and you are able to deliver that content through the methods listed above. If you have any questions about your staffing firm content marketing strategy, give us a call. Good luck out there!

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