With a rough economy, most businesses cannot allocate big budgets to their marketing team. However, the expectations haven’t changed for the marketing department to generate leads and build ROI for the company. So, how do you generate hot leads with a limited budget? Lead generation does not have to take up a large budget and there are still many tools that can be utilized. Here are a few ways to generate hot leads from a limited marketing budget.

Leverage your Inbound Marketing
Instead of creating big budget advertising campaigns, think about investing time into generating valuable content. Focus on building a company blog, and enhancing your brand image through various social media platforms to drive potential leads back to your website. Social media is a great way to leverage your lead generation efforts and the best part is it’s free!

Outbound Marketing
Use intelligent outbound marketing efforts such as, email marketing campaigns and direct mailings. Even a letter campaign, personally written and highly targeted, is an effective way to attain qualified leads that doesn’t require a big budget.

Network, Network, Network
One of the best ways to build your lead generation strategy on a limited marketing budget is through networking. Build professional relationships with people, but make every relationship meaningful with profitable benefits. This will generate new business opportunities and ultimately help in your lead generation efforts.

Collect Testimonials
Encourage clients to give you feedback and use the positive feedback for testimonials. Post testimonials to your website as well as tweet and post them on all your social media platforms. Testimonials are a great way to establish feelings of trust between your company and prospective clients. In the end, testimonials will generate more leads for your businesses.

Create a Unique Client Event
Hosting client events doesn’t mean that you need to rent out the most lavish venue and have catered food. In fact, smaller unique events tend to be more of a hit for the company. Take clients and employees out of the business environment and bring them to an arcade or a place to play laser tag or have a company field day. These are all events that don’t require a large budget and can still be equally, if not more, effective in generating leads than a large corporate event.S.J.Hemley Marketing

Five Key Takeaways to Improving your Lead Generation Results on a Limited Budget:

  1. Create a company blog and use social media platforms to your advantage by posting valuable content to your readers so they can share that information within their own network.
  2. Creating highly targeted outbound marketing campaigns can be an efficient way to generate leads without needing a large marketing budget.
  3. Build professional connections because you never know, you could have just met your next potential client.
  4. Generate testimonials that you can put on social media and up on your website to develop leads through a trusting relationship you’ve developed through the testimonials.
  5. Host a unique client event that takes employees and clients out of the workplace and doesn’t require a large budget.

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