Content Marketing StrategyWhat does your content say about your staffing firm? Are you producing high-quality material that helps to alleviate frustrations and addresses the needs of your target audience? Is your collateral generating ROI that results in new business for your staffing firm? In order to build interest in your services and help your firm stand out from the competition, it is essential that you create and distribute information that tells your staffing story. Establish trust with your target audience by adhering to the following content marketing strategy tips.

When it comes to creating a successful staffing firm marketing strategy, the bottom line is always ROI. Are you realizing a return on your investment or are you spinning your wheels and getting frustrated? Producing and distributing impactful, informative content is the best way to attract the attention of your target audience and establish your staffing firm as a thought leader within the industry. Conduct market research in order to identify areas of need within your target audience and speak to those needs with your content selections. Build your brand and plan for a long-term effort rather than being short-sighted and hoping only for immediate gains. In order to attain the best results and achieve ROI, you must develop a comprehensive, multi-stage strategy that features great content.

Lay the Groundwork
Taking random shots in the dark with one-and-done initiatives is not going to result in sustainable ROI and growth for your staffing firm. Your overall goal must be to formulate plans for a long-term content marketing campaign rather than creating a series of short-term projects. In order to keep your team on the right track, it is necessary to hold regular meetings and clearly communicate your vision for social media outreach and content strategy. What voice do you want used when authoring blog articles? Is there a particular type of repurposed industry articles that you are hoping to include, and equally important, are there any that should be avoided? Before putting your plans into motion, be sure to produce an editorial calendar so that everyone is on the same page and deadlines are clearly identified.

Stay Focused
Although it is sometimes necessary to take risks and go outside your comfort zone to utilize new forms of multimedia or social networks, staying focused on your ultimate goals must be at the heart of your staffing firm marketing strategy. Building relationships with your target audience requires trust and producing quality content is part of that trust factor. Act as a valuable resource for your visitors in order to establish a regular flow of traffic to your staffing website. Regularly consult your website and lead generation analytical data in order to determine whether you are remaining focused in your efforts or allowing your team to get side-tracked.

Beyond the Written Word
It goes without saying that a company blog is a must-have in today’s competitive staffing industry, but what other types of content are going to draw visitors to your website? Think beyond the written word and capitalize on our growing need for digesting information in small sound bites by using other forms of multimedia. Podcasts, webinars, infographics, and streaming live video clips are all great ways to attract your audience and keep them coming back for more. Once you have their attention, remember that the ultimate goal is to convert leads into new business for your staffing firm. Always be sure to have updated calls-to-action and additional gated content available on your site so that individuals are encouraged to leave their contact information.

Spread the Word
Once you have created great content to bolster your staffing firm marketing strategy, make sure that you have a fool-proof way to spread the word. Generate attention-grabbing article titles and make use of visual media in an attempt to design viral content that is worthy being shared within personal networks. Online social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are ideal platforms for networking with your target audience and building your brand. If market research shows that your target demographic is frequenting other up-and-coming networking sites, explore those opportunities while being mindful to not spread yourself too thin. Are daily social media monitoring demands proving too time-consuming for your team? Consider hiring a marketing firm or utilizing content management tools to help automate your social media posts and reduce the time commitment.

Key Takeaways for Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs Great Content:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Always strive to generate ROI though your content marketing strategy
  2. Lay the proper groundwork by designing a comprehensive plan
  3. Remain focused in your efforts and keep your eye on analytical data
  4. Think beyond the typical written content and explore other forms of multimedia
  5. Make use of social media platforms to share your content with your target audience

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