Branding NetworkingNetworking is all about building up your target audience and spreading the word about your staffing firm. Coincidentally, branding is also about communicating with your target audience and building confidence in your services. Have you created a solid marketing plan that includes branding and networking goals? Are you meeting regularly with your team to make sure that everyone is on the same page? In order to build your network and establish your brand as an industry influencer, take a look at the following staffing firm networking and branding tips.

Know Your Audience
The number one rule in staffing firm networking and branding efforts is to know your target audience. What struggles are they facing and how can your services help to ease their pain? What social media platforms do they frequent? How are you going to be able to convert them into brand ambassadors for your staffing firm? Conduct market research to learn as much as possible about your prospective clients and candidates. Maintain regular contact with your audience and show them that your team is willing to work hard and go the extra mile.

Networking Basics
The staffing industry’s hiring cycle is full of potential peaks and valleys, so even the most successful staffing firm needs to invest time into networking. In addition to filling your talent pool with qualified candidates to satisfy your clients’ needs, networking helps to build relationships with professionals who are not actively looking for new positions. Networking with your competitors allows you to better understand staffing trends and gives insight into when to plan future expansions or launch new services. By attending and hosting networking events, you are also helping to strengthen your staffing firm brand.

Branding 101
What do you want your target audience to know about your staffing firm? Do you take pride in your ability to fill open client requisitions with the most qualified talent? Are candidates talking about how well your recruiters paid attention to their career requests? Do you take the time to personalize each hire and each hiring manager rather than making general assumptions about everyone? Your staffing firm brand must feature your strengths, convey your past experiences, and highlight those attributes that differentiate you from the competition. Once you have identified the most important branding points, be sure to communicate them consistently across your website, printed marketing collateral, email campaigns, and your social media profiles.

Social Media Efforts
Let’s be honest. In today’s technologically-driven world there is no denying the power of online networking. The ability to reach out and connect with professionals in various parts of the world is an amazing feat, but it is important to remember the basics of networking and branding. Likes and followers mean nothing if there is no meaningful conversation that takes place to build the relationship and convert them into brand ambassadors. In order to build your network and spread brand awareness, maintain an active profile on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Regularly share informative content and promote blog articles published to your staffing firm website. Join relevant industry-specific groups and attend event meetups that allow you to network and establish your firm as an industry influencer.

Build Your Network
The bottom line is that you need to build up your network if you have any hopes of having success with your staffing firm networking and branding efforts. Showcase your brand and grow your network by organizing networking events, sponsoring tradeshow sessions, and hosting online podcasts and webinars. Consider more specialized types of networking events if you are trying to fill your talent pool with a particular professional niche. Looking to add some tech-savvy grads to your network? Attend college fairs or host hackathons to attract the attention of this type of audience.

Key Takeaways for Why Networking and Branding Efforts Go Hand-in-Hand:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Understand your target audience in order to create brand ambassadors
  2. Anticipate future business needs through networking
  3. Determine what makes your staffing firm stand out from the crowd
  4. Maintain regular contact with potential clients and candidates through your social media profiles
  5. Host networking events that are specific to the type of audience you hope to attract

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