Why Market Research Needs to be at the Center of Your EffortsIt must be your starting point! If you want every decision for your organization to be the right one, then you have to put market research at the center of your efforts. From launching a new service, to redesigning your website to expanding your business into new markets, how do you make the right decisions? Are you positive that you made the best call? What effect are your decisions going to have on your clients and candidates? How do they help you stay ahead of your competition and meet your company goals? Before you start scratching your head, take a look at the points below to understand why staffing firm market research is so important for your success.

It Helps You Define your Targets
Are you sure you are marketing to the right audience? Do your marketing campaigns catch the attention of your clients and bring in more candidates? When was the last time you revisited your company’s goals to make sure they align to the needs of your audience? The only way to answer questions like these is to turn to staffing firm market research. The more information and data you collect about your target audience, the more you understand their needs and the better the strategy you are going to adopt and win their interest. Use primary and secondary research to gather and analyze data about your audience’s trends and maximize the return on your investment (ROI).

It Keeps You Ahead of Your Competition
Do you know who your company is competing against? What services are your competitors offering, and how do they promote them? What do candidates say about their experience when using other staffing firms? Do they live up to their clients’ expectations or do they leave room for your company to come in and cover the gap? Are competitors attending events that increase their brand awareness and result in more business? Staffing firm market research gives you the ability to understand what other market players do to promote their services and how you can find new ways to differentiate your firm. Keep monitoring your competition in order to stay ahead of them.

It Drives Communication
Is your brand coming across the way you anticipate? Do your marketing efforts communicate the key messages and values of your company? Did your last marketing initiative hit a wall instead of driving ROI? How do you make sure that you are going to be more effective next time? This is where staffing firm market research helps you communicate with your audience and shape the right message that is going to resonate with them. For example, what is the best way to reach out to Millennials on social media? What is the percentage of candidates applying for a job using mobile devices? Does your website give them that ability?

It Enables You to Stay on Course
Staffing firm market research is the best way to ensure that your organization stays on the path to success. It allows you to determine which of your company goals are being met and which ones call for a different approach. How do you define success and what success really means in your industry? Are you setting unattainable goals for your sales and recruiting teams? Similarly, do you get comfortable with results that are far from what your staffing firm can accomplish? Looking into industry data and market statistics gives you the answers to questions like these and helps you unfold your company’s potential.

It Allows You to Become Better
Anytime you feel that there is room for growth, but you have no idea how to capitalize on it, turn to staffing firm market research. You need to remember that growth opportunities come into the horizon when your firm focuses on innovation and is prepared to adopt to change. Don’t make the mistake of gathering market information and not using it. Market research must back the way you promote a service, or the way you understand and address your audience’s needs, as well as justify any corrective action in areas that you need to improve. Make use of data while it is still relevant and current to make the best decisions.

S.J.Hemley MarketingKey Takeaways for Why Market Research Needs to be at the Center of Your Efforts:

  1. Use primary and secondary research to gather and analyze data about your audience’s trends
  2. Monitor your industry market to differentiate your staffing firm from competition
  3. Market research allows you communicate the right messages to your audience
  4. Looking into market data helps you set attainable company goals
  5. Turning to market research helps you make the best decisions for your organization

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