Your staffing firm’s brand is more than just a unique logo created by a graphic designer or your tagline at the top of your company stationery. DecisionsYour brand is an integral part of who you are and what you represent. Have clients had a good experience with the candidates you have placed with them in the past? Do candidates speak highly of their interactions with your recruiters and recommend your staffing firm to their friends? An essential part of your staffing firm’s brand is how you are perceived by others, and in the staffing world word of mouth serves as either the best form of marketing or the kiss of death for your organization. Ethical practices that boost your staffing firm’s brand must be integrated into every aspect of your agency in order to maintain a positive reputation within the staffing industry.

Inside and Out
Recruiters must project your staffing firm’s brand in every interaction. Their overall appearance, their methods for procuring talent, their conversations with candidates during the interview and placement process, and the way in which they present the candidates to your clients must all reflect the high standards you have set for your firm. Ethical recruiters should never encourage candidates to lie during interviews or stretch the truth on their resumes. Remember that the client is the only one in a position to hire a candidate; therefore, recruiters who make false promises and guarantee job placements are not portraying your staffing firm’s brand inside and out.

Ethical Practices
Review your current procedures and make sure you are delivering ethical practices that boost your staffing firm’s brand. Are you teaching your team what you expect? Inspect what you expect. This means teach them and then make sure it is happening. How do you want to handle your candidate population? How do you want your clients, consultants, candidates and staff to perceive the organization? Are you creating a high ground that both clients and consultants trust and expect from your team? It is easy to assume that ethics are working, but spot checking is required to know that the reputation you want is being delivered.

Quality Clients
Keep in mind that candidates are interested in more than just performance metrics and placement numbers. Candidates are looking for reputable staffing firms that are affiliated with great clients. You have a responsibility to only enter into contracts with reputable clients. Clients must be carefully vetted to ensure that they are providing quality work environments for their employees and your teams.

Quality Candidates
A staffing firm’s brand relies heavily on the quality of the candidates they place. Hiring mistakes and unethical recruiting practices are bound to influence future business growth. Recruiters who misrepresent a candidate or refer difficult or unqualified individuals are hurting your brand. Ensure that your team is properly directing candidates after their initial interviews. Recruiters should encourage candidates to represent themselves in clear and intelligent ways based on client feedback providing ethical practices that boost your staffing firm’s brand.

Confidentiality Concerns
Candidates are always concerned about what is revealed by the staffing firms to potential clients. We have to be mindful of these concerns and share with candidates how we protect their confidentiality and the fact that we need them to be truthful with our recruiters. By being aware of these concerns and sharing your best practices, candidates are more likely to get over their perceived confidentiality concerns.

Key Takeaways for Staffing Firm Ethics:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Recruiters must embody your staffing firm’s brand in all of their interactions
  2. Review your firm’s operating procedures to ensure everyone is utilizing ethical practices
  3. Only do business with reputable clients who treat their employees well
  4. Screen your talent pool to ensure you are working with top quality individuals
  5. Ensure that the members of your staffing firm share with candidates the confidentiality practices of your firm

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