Drawing new visitors to your website is essential to the viability of your staffing firm, and content is a great way to accomplish that goal.

Content Marketing

Your ultimate content marketing goal is to produce and distribute high-quality material that appeals to your audience. If you create and share unique, insightful content, people are bound to help spread the word by sharing it across their personal networks. In order to guarantee a return on your investment (ROI), you must pay close attention to what you produce and always make sure that you are providing real value to the intended reader. When planning out your staffing firm content marketing strategy, carefully consider the following points.

Quality is Always #1
When planning a staffing firm content marketing strategy, high-value content is always the most important factor to consider. Simply churning out wordy blog articles is not going to drive your target audience to your website. The topics you choose and the insights you provide must be relevant to candidates and clients in order to draw the attention of your target audience. Does your content provide value to readers? Carefully consider the services that you offer and identify content to highlight those areas.

Variety is the Spice of Life
Don’t be tricked into thinking that content marketing is all about creating original works and hiring a team of writers. Although producing blog articles, eBooks and case studies must be an integral part of your approach, repurposing the works of others is also a great way to boost your SEO ranking and help to educate your audience. Select articles that reflect recent industry trends, in order to reinforce the fact that your staffing firm places emphasis on forward thinking. Want to stand out as an industry influencer? Mix things up by integrating podcasts, video media, and infographics into your daily social media posts, and be sure to link your content back to your website to drive incoming traffic.

Drive Your Content Marketing
After creating and gathering unique content, you are now faced with one huge problem: How do you get the word out to your target audience? Social media is the driving force behind getting your content noticed, so be sure to not ignore this critical piece of the marketing strategy puzzle. Take the time to update your social media profiles and encourage your employees to share your daily posts with their networks. Join online professional groups and engage with your target audience by participating in relevant forums. Monitor your business profiles and always respond to any posted questions or comments in order to show that you appreciate their feedback.

Coordinate Your Efforts
Integrating content marketing into your overall marketing strategy requires a great deal of organization and coordination. When creating your editorial calendar, be sure to focus on quality and always approach your content marketing efforts with one question in mind: Is my target audience going to feel that this content is valuable? Tie your email campaigns and other marketing opportunities into your content strategy. Planning an upcoming webinar? Releasing a new case study or eBook? Although it is important that you do not turn your blog into a recurring sales pitch, it is nice to occasionally highlight a company milestone or achievement. Remember to limit the self-promotion, as visitors are not going to be inclined to return to your site each week to read yet another article about your staffing firm events.

SEO Rewards
Great content helps to fuel the SEO fire. Boost your online SEO ranking by creating original content and drawing the attention of search engines like Google and Bing. Ensure that your blog posts contain keyword-rich material that candidates and clients are likely to be sought out by candidates and clients. Make use of tools such as Google Trends to determine how often people search for particular terms or phrases, and apply those insights into your staffing firm content marketing strategy.

Key Takeaways for Why Content must be at the Heart of Your Marketing Strategy:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Value to the intended reader is always the most important factor to consider when planning your strategy
  2. Remember to include a variety of topics and media types in your content marketing efforts
  3. Make use of social media to drive your content marketing
  4. Tie your email campaigns and other marketing opportunities into your content strategy
  5. Boost your online SEO ranking by creating original content

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