So many years ago, I got into marketing because I loved the idea of building solid brands. Oddly enough, I noticed that brand and ROI were not all that connected in most people’s eyes. Words like pretty pictures had been associated with the brand and for the most part my job within my companies was to correct that notion. I needed to help the companies I worked for understand that there are some activities you do strictly for awareness, but that should not be the answer for everything. Creating lead generation programs that truly help our sales teams sell should be our goal. But wait a minute, does everyone need a lead generation program? Does everyone need a social media campaign and as many likes as they can get?

We can build brands that drive business.
We can create lead generation campaigns that drive ROI, but the fact is that all executions that happen without an overarching plan are strictly single executions. Marketing and Sales Strategy are the foundation that our executions lie upon and anyone can tell you that need to change your website, or create a social media campaign, but the fact is we need to take the time to create a clear, cohesive and communicable strategy that we can hold ourselves accountable to and be able to honestly say this worked and this did not. We all want to grow to some extent which is why we will try single execution after single execution and creating the strategy should and must come first and it should explain why you try to do the things you do.

Strategy is not easy and it is why most people avoid it.
When you map out your overall goals and plans then you bring your whole team onto the same page. When you hold both yourself and the team accountable to the goal then you grow. Executions should be tied to the goals. If they are not on target then they should not be done. When we use research to drive knowledge then we complete the circle.

I built S.J.Hemley Marketing to focus on helping small- and mid-sized companies build out business, marketing and sales strategies to guide their plans using branding and lead generation activities to bring ROI while using market research and analysis to make wise decisions. I have worked with some amazing companies over the years and we were able to create a strategy that we communicated to all and drove ROI.

Brand Matters! But, not without ROI.