A strong brand means brisk business for any company; however, in the staffing world a strong brand is essential. BrandIn order to attract the top talent, staffing firms need to convey the message that they value a consistent workplace culture and represent clients who value their employees. Brands have the ability to stimulate the growth of a company like no other factor; therefore, it is obvious that the importance of a strong brand for staffing firms cannot be underestimated.

People Power
If you hear about a great product, your interest is peaked and you most likely want to try it out for yourself. That’s brand power at work. The same is true for the staffing industry. When people are making a major career decision, it is essential that they feel comfortable with the staffing firm they choose. A referral from a close friend or associate is powerful. Candidates who hear about the positive experiences of others are more likely to sign on with a firm because they are confident that others have experienced success with the agency. Establish a candidate referral program as a way to reward current candidates who promote your staffing firm and successfully encourage friends and associates to sign on with your agency.

Get Technical
It’s important to make sure your brand is visible online as well. Promote your staffing firm’s brand in social media posts and remember to drive traffic between your website and the various platforms. New apps represent new opportunities for you to connect with your audience and target candidates within certain industries or geographical locations. Stay on top of technical developments to make sure you are promoting your staffing firm in social communities frequented by top talent. Make use of innovative mediums when advertising new job listings and posting content in order to encourage engagement with potential clients and candidates. By making it easy for people to identify with the personality of your staffing firm, you attract the attention of candidates with the same values.

Be Consistent
Your staffing firm’s brand must be both consistent and transparent. Members of your team must convey the brand in each and every meeting and interview. Your brand is more than a concept or a marketer’s idea. It is a philosophy that encompasses all of the important aspects of your company. It is important to be genuine in your branding efforts because insincere statements are easy for candidates to spot. A strong brand for staffing firms must instill trust and communicate the ability to relate to candidates and their needs. Remember to always deliver on your brand promises. It is this type of consistency that increases retention rates and builds strong relationships between candidates and recruiters.

Stand Out
The services provided by all staffing firms are basically the same. Clients have positions to fill and recruiters seek to fill those positions with the perfect candidates. In an industry where the services provided are extremely similar, it is important that your brand serves to differentiate your firm. Do you excel in an area of IT staffing? Are you known for going that extra mile and ensuring that your candidates have received all pertinent training before they are placed with your clients? Does your firm engage in proactive recruiting whereby your team is actively searching out talented candidates even in the absence of open positions? Once you have identified what it is that your staffing firm does best, incorporate that into your brand. Do not try to be the best at everything or claim to be good at those things that have made your competitors successful. Decide what you want your staffing firm to be known for and make that the reason you stand out from the crowd.

You Are Who You Represent
Your brand not only provides candidates with advance information about your agency; a strong brand for staffing firms is also a testimonial of the clients you represent. Make sure to represent companies whose values match your own. When clients sign on with your staffing firm, they are usually doing so because they want to be employed by your clients and trust the abilities of your recruiters. Brands provide an emotional trigger for people, and candidates often choose a position with a reputable company over one in a company with a weaker brand – even if it means a slightly lower salary.

Strong Company Brand Takeaways:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Satisfied candidates refer friends and associates, thereby creating a strong brand for your staffing firm
  2. Embrace new technologies and social media developments to strengthen your brand image.
  3. Consistency is an essential piece of maintaining a strong brand
  4. Decide what makes your staffing firm stand out in the industry and incorporate it into your brand
  5. Ensure that the clients you represent also have strong brand identity

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