ROILet’s be honest; website makeovers are an expensive and sometimes frustrating ordeal. Is it really worth all that hassle? Isn’t your current website sufficient? The truth is that in today’s technology-dependent society, an optimized, responsive website is definitely going to deliver a return on your investment (ROI). Professionals rely on their smartphones, and according to recent reports over half of online searches are initiated on a mobile device. Do you want to take the chance that your current site is adequate or are you now thinking that a redesign might be in your future? Take a look at the following points on the ROI of your website makeover.

What does your current website say about your staffing firm? Does it accurately represent your team and the services that you provide? Are the images eye-catching, or are they tired-looking and outdated? Is your content current and relevant, or has it been a while since you updated your collateral and your calls-to-action? Have you dropped the ball on your company blog, or are you adhering to a weekly editorial calendar? In order to put your best foot forward and ensure that prospective clients and candidates are drawn to your site, you must work with a programmer to create a cohesive design that binds your overall vision with optimized programming code.

The ROI of your website makeover is directly tied to your SEO ranking, and your SEO ranking is linked to your site’s ability to serve the needs of all visitors. By optimizing your website and building in responsive technology, you are guaranteeing that an entire section of your target audience is not automatically excluded. Potential clients and candidates who are accessing your site on a mobile device deserve the same seamless navigation as someone who is sitting at a desktop computer. Search engines that are able to easily find a website reward the site owner with a higher SEO ranking. Along with the boosted SEO, the company is assigned a preferred placement on the search listing. The closer you get to the top of the initial results page, the better your chances are of driving new traffic to your website.

In order to generate new leads and boost the ROI of your website makeover, be sure to include a built-in applicant tracking system (ATS). When interested candidates are applying for an open position, an integrated ATS helps to immediately filter important contact information to the most appropriate member of your team. Lead nurturing requires prompt response times, so help your team fill open requisitions quickly and efficiently by embedding a tracking system into your website. Consider adding a customized application to help streamline the process and allow users to easily enter pertinent information and upload resumes directly from their mobile devices.

Drawing people into your company website requires that you impart a certain amount of personality into your layout. Differentiate your firm by making sure that your services and team members stand out. Work with your designer to present your recruiters and sales managers in a unique way. Include a photo and a personal bio so that visitors can see what makes your team special. Set yourself apart from the competition and allow users to identify with your staffing firm by building your brand and integrating your theme into every page of your website.

Once your website goes live, remember that there is still a need to constantly analyze and re-evaluate your design choices. Perform regular technical audits to ensure that there are no broken links that are causing visitors to drop off of your website pages. Do your pages load in a timely manner, or are slow load times leading to increased frustration? Is your content serving to engage readers and draw traffic to your site, or do you need to make adjustments to the topics included in your editorial calendar? Does your menu design allow users to navigate effortlessly from page to page? Stay on top of staffing industry trends and always look at your website with a critical eye in order to assess the effectiveness of your staffing firm website.

Key Takeaways for Where’s the ROI in a Website Makeover?:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Evaluate your current website and determine where updates need to be made
  2. Optimize the functionality of your site and incorporate responsive design
  3. Integrate an applicant tracking system to allow for effective lead nurturing
  4. Add personal touches to your website as a way to draw in and identify with your target audience
  5. Regularly check your website analytics to determine if there are any red flags that need to be addressed

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