Social Media MarketingAre you monitoring the trends in social media marketing? Has your staffing firm embraced all that your social media platforms have to offer? As technology evolves, so does social media marketing. Due to its interactive nature, the opportunities for audience engagement, lead generation and brand building are abundant. Before finalizing your staffing firm’s marketing strategy, consider the following social media trends.

Social Selling
With the increase of mobile technology and the ever-growing interest in social media, online advertising and selling of goods and services is becoming more prevalent. With one simple click, people are purchasing items and finding products that they can’t live without. In order to ensure that your staffing firm is not left behind, you must carefully plan out your social media marketing efforts. Are you thinking about using social media advertising? Conduct initial market research to ensure that you are utilizing online platforms that are frequented by your target audience. Once users have clicked on your social media posts, the pressure then lands on your team to properly nurture those leads and convert them into new business for your staffing firm.

Social Recruiting
Feeding a lead pipeline and using social media networking to fill your talent pool requires constant attention and regular maintenance. When you use social media to engage with prospective clients and candidates, you build your brand and raise interest in your staffing services. Recent developments in recruitment analytics software allow firms to carefully track placements, monitor job posts, and manage candidate activity. Integrated CRM software and applicant tracking systems yield powerful insights in the form of data intelligence. By collecting and analyzing staffing data, firms are better able to determine the effectiveness of their social media marketing efforts and ultimately deliver qualified candidates to their clients.

Live Streaming
Another trend to incorporate into your staffing firm social media marketing efforts is live streaming. Although similar to a webcast, live streaming allows companies to engage audiences by sending video straight to a computer or mobile device without saving and editing the material first. Audio or video content from a device such as a video camera can be distributed by a content delivery server either as a live broadcast or for viewing on demand at a later time. Introducing live streaming content shows that you are cutting edge and helps to set your staffing firm apart from the competition.

Virtual Reality
Another great way to boost your social media marketing efforts and attract the attention of your target audience is through virtual reality. Make sure your message is heard and boost your brand by integrating this unique technology into your marketing campaigns. Facebook has embraced 360-degree video into its news feed and both YouTube and Twitter now support 360-degree video content. Create 4-D campaigns that allow potential candidates to step inside your staffing firm and get a feel for your company culture. Interact with your followers and draw them in via social media while using virtual reality to build brand loyalty.

Real-Time Updates
How efficiently are you filling job requisitions? What do candidates think about your interview preparation services? What types of positions are your clients seeking to fill? Real-time updates allow your staffing firm to capture information and share it instantly through your social media platforms. Survey your clients and candidates in real-time by asking them to weigh in on important issues online. Analytical software programs now include passive activity tracking functions that provide reports on applicants in real-time. With all of this data collection and analysis going on behind the scenes, your sales and recruiting teams are freed up to strengthen relationships with your current clients and candidates and to bring in new business for your staffing firm.

Key Takeaways for What’s on the Horizon for Social Media Marketing?:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Sell your staffing services through your social media profiles
  2. Utilize integrated technology to promote social recruiting
  3. Distribute audio and video content through live streaming servers
  4. Attract attention and build your brand with virtual reality
  5. Real-time updates allow staffing firms to immediately engage with their audience

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