What’s in a staffing firm brand? Well, there are many things that go into your brand. Let’s start with the definition; your staffing firm brand is another person’s perception of a product, service, experience, or organization. This includes, imagery, logos, wording, differentiation, and much more. In this blog, find everything you need to know about your staffing firm brand and what it should be. For clarity, brand is much more than just your logo.

Look and Feel
Let’s begin with your logo. The logo is essentially the face of your business as it’s the most recognizable part of your brand. Your logo should visually represent your business and your staffing firm brand accurately.

staffing firm brand

Your logo, and overall brand, should include a color palette that enhances your staffing firm’s identity. Color is an aspect of marketing that significantly increases brand recognition. It’s important to choose a color(s) that accurately represent your company, but it should also be pleasing to the eye as you want it draw in clients and new leads. The color palette you choose for your brand should remain consistent across your logo, website, marketing campaigns, etc.

Along with consistency in color, the font you choose for your branding efforts should also be consistent across the board. The font is more important than you think. It should be interesting yet readable. The style of your chosen typeface should be kept the same across all platforms of your business. This keeps things clean and consistent, which says a lot about a company.

Unique Selling Proposition
What makes your staffing firm different from other businesses? Knowing the difference between your staffing firm and others is key to your staffing firm brand. A unique selling proposition is the benefit you display through your company’s brand. You want your proposition to allow future clients and candidates to work with your staffing firm, however, it needs to hold value and truth and like your logo it needs to be memorable. Having a unique selling proposition (USP) allows differentiation to single your staffing firm out from others in a positive way.

Once your team develops a USP for your branding efforts, implement it wherever you can. Have it appear on all of your marketing efforts, advertisements, visibly displayed on your website, social media, and more. Be sure every employee knows your USP, especially your sales team. Knowing and believing your credible USP is part of what makes your staffing firm unique and separates you from competitors. For tips on how to create a USP for your staffing firm brand, refer to this blog post.

Now, you might be thinking, how do I make my staffing firm brand authentic? Having an authentic brand means that your firm has values and a USP that you stand by, all while delivering desirable results. Your current and future clients and candidates want quality and value with the staffing firm they choose to work with, so implementing how authentic you are within your brand is vital. As mentioned earlier, this is where your established brand and it’s consistency is super important. Once you’ve created a strong brand identity, including logo and company name, use it uniformly on and offline. Consistency makes your brand seem dependable, which captures the attention of leads.
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How do you demonstrate brand authenticity, you ask? Let’s be real, anyone can talk the talk, but your staffing firm needs to walk the walk. With your staffing firm brand, you want to implement your authenticity though conversations and relationship building with current and future clients. Engage through campaigns, social media, email, and even phone calls. Establishing yourself and your message with others increases your brands authenticity. Messaging is important when it comes to brand authenticity. Choose language that appeals to your target audience (this is done through market research). Be sure that your messaging differentiates from competing staffing firms, as you want to show that your values are different and even better.

So, how do you demonstrate your staffing firm brand? If you have any questions about branding, we have the answers. Good luck with your staffing firm branding efforts.

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