Search engine optimization is about maximizing the number of visitors to your staffing firm’s website by ensuring your website appears high on the list of results by a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. SEOThis is key to every business because it is what increases your brand awareness and in the end is what brings you a return on investment. The digital age is changing, but there are still these five essentials elements that have always been the best SEO practices.

Content is Essential but only Good Content Brings Success
It’s important to understand that content marketing is an essential way to increase your staffing firm’s SEO results, but it is not going to be successful unless it’s quality content. Content is about quality over quantity when it comes time to bringing in tangible results. The only way your content is going to be read and shared is if it brings value to your target audience.

Improve Social Status through Google +
Most businesses have made the effort to be a part of social media, however what most staffing firms don’t know is that Google + is an important factor to increasing your SEO results. Studies have shown that Google uses Google + to discover new content for no other reason than Google owns the Google + social network. Sharing content on Google + has definite SEO advantages, as opposed to Facebook or Twitter.

Speed Matters
Search engines look to deliver quality results to its users. Therefore, be sure your website loads quickly as this is one definition for quality results. Websites that are sluggish are much less likely to have high rankings on search engines.

Create Long-Tail Keywords
Most businesses know that keywords are important to have throughout your website in order to have it picked up by search engines and increase your staffing firm’s SEO results. However, what most businesses don’t know is that unless you want to compete among thousands of other staffing firms, you need to incorporate specific long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are less broad which allows your staffing firm to be more likely to be searched.

Incorporate Backlinks
A great way to increase your staffing firm’s SEO results is through incorporating backlinks throughout your website. Backlinks or inbound links are incoming links to a website or web page. The number of backlinks that you have throughout your website is one indication for search engines of the popularity or importance of that website or webpage.

Five Key Factors About SEO:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  • Quality over quantity when it comes time to your staffing firm’s website content
  • Google+ is directly related to increasing your SEO results on Google
  • Make sure your website loads quickly as search engines recognize this to evaluate your website quality
  • Incorporate long-tail keywords throughout your website to increase your SEO results
  • Create backlinks throughout your website to increase web page popularity

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