What You Need to Know about Lead GenerationMore leads in; more business out. It’s that simple. No staffing firm, including yours, can survive without generating and nurturing leads. Focusing your efforts and taking initiatives to increase the number of clients and candidates who want to do business with you must be your ultimate goal and lead generation campaigns are the best means to achieve that. They help you generate ROI without breaking your marketing budget. What you have to remember is that in order to catch your audience’s attention, you have to speak to their needs and highlight how your company helps them meet expectations. Keep the following points in mind when it comes to your staffing firm lead generation.

Lay the Groundwork
Before you start, know what you want to achieve. Why are you trying to generate leads? Do you want to grow you talent pool with candidates who have a specific set of qualifications? Are you trying to promote your services in a new market? Have you identified new clients through market research and want to convey your message? In order to design an effective staffing firm lead generation campaign you need to lay the proper groundwork in advance. Make sure that both your recruiting and sales team understand your goals and revisit your plan frequently to confirm that your efforts are on the right track of success.

Don’t Forget the Mobile Aspect
If your staffing firm lead generation strategy doesn’t take into account the mobile aspect then don’t expect much out of it. Let’s assume that you send out an email campaign in an effort to find qualified candidates for a .net developer position and you invite people to apply on your company website page. Have you checked to see what they come across when they apply using a mobile device? Is the navigation working seamlessly? Are they able to put in an application on the go? You get the point. If your online lead generation is not mobile-friendly, you are going to lose a big portion of today’s users and not realize the ROI you expect.

Stimulate with Content
Your staffing firm lead generation efforts have to talk to your target audience. Whether you announce a new service and want to generate interest or you want to search for candidates to fill a client’s position, you need to produce and share content that draws attention to your staffing firm. From your website to your blogs to your social media to your marketing collateral, you have unlimited opportunities to create effective marketing content that differentiates your company from competition and talks to the value you bring to the table. Informative content is one of the best ways to generate leads for your staffing firm.

Evaluate Your Efforts
Like with every business decision you take, results are the determining factor of your success. Your staffing firm lead generation efforts pay off when it delivers the outcome it was designed for. In order to evaluate the ROI of your initiatives, you need to be able to accurately track and measure their effectiveness. How many leads do you receive from your website per week? Which URLs or images of your email campaign did leads click to get in touch with you? From the articles you shared on your social media, which ones gained more attention? How many leads did the last mailing campaign bring in? Determine the success of your lead generation strategy and identify areas for improvement with accurate tracking and attentive evaluation.

Follow Up
It is essential to remember that your lead generation strategy doesn’t end when a prospect expresses interest in one of your campaigns. To be successful, your strategy has to include a lead nurturing procedure that your team follows to the letter. In order to convert a lead to business you need to demonstrate how serious you are about meeting their expectations. Before you even launch a lead generation program, get together with your team and establish a plan for a timely follow up for incoming prospects. Be sure to assign responsibilities and hold your sales and recruiting teams accountable. The last thing you want is missing out on opportunities because they simply fell through the cracks.

Key Takeaways for What You Need to Know about Lead Generation:

  1. Set clear goals before you initiate a lead generation campaign
  2. Every online lead generation initiative must be mobile-friendly
  3. Use informative content to stimulate the interest of your target audience
  4. Always track and evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts
  5. Establish a thorough follow up process for incoming leads

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