What it Means to Have a Solid Staffing Firm BrandIs your brand speaking to your target audience? How is your company seen in the staffing industry and what does your company stand for? Keep in mind that your brand is what differentiates you from competition and what helps you win more business. It tells people where you excel and why you are their best choice. With that being said, building a solid staffing firm brand is not optional; it is a one way ticket to success. If you still have doubts about the importance of a solid staffing firm brand, take a look at the following points.

Target Audience
Every successful brand out there relies on its capability to communicate a clear message to a specified target audience. No target audience, no solid message. This is one of the advantages of building a solid staffing firm brand. In order to get there, you first need to identify your target audience. Who are you going after and how can your services benefit them? Perform market research to see who comprises your target audience and design your branding efforts around their needs. Keep in mind that being a jack of all trades won’t get you far.

Why do you go to your favorite restaurant for dinner? Why do you buy your clothes from certain stores? Why did you choose your car dealership when you were looking for a car? What makes you go there and choose these providers over others? It is because you know that these brands are different than others and their services meet your expectations. The same is true with a solid staffing firm brand. Clients and candidates choose it because they know what to expect and they separate it from competition. Define your differentiation points and incorporate them into your branding strategy.

One Team
A solid staffing firm brand means a solid team that stands behind the branding efforts. In other words, the employees of a company are its brand ambassadors and the best source of feedback because they are the ones delivering the message to the outside world. Are your recruiters and sales managers portraying your brand in the best possible way when they talk to candidates and clients? When was the last time you sat down with your team to make sure that they communicate your branding message the way they are supposed to? Hold regular meetings to revisit your brand and listen to thoughts and concerns from your team.

When you think of a known brand that you are not very familiar of, does the fact that it is a leader in its industry make you feel more confident to choose it over others? The same applies with a solid staffing firm brand. Candidates and clients prefer to work with an organization that is positively perceived in the industry. A great reputation provides them with more assurance and makes their choice easier. To promote your organization as an industry leader, you need to share your success and work towards positioning your staffing brand as a problem solver and an industry influencer.

When you establish a solid staffing firm brand you get to enjoy the fruits of your efforts. Your target audience chooses you over competition, your company separates from competition, your reputation is positive and your business is growing. This means you generate return on your investment (ROI) that justifies your branding efforts. It is important to mention though that for the ROI to keep growing you need to keep a close eye on the metrics of your branding strategy. Make sure that you monitor your analytics frequently to determine what works and where there is space for improvement.

S.J.Hemley MarketingKey Takeaways for What it Means to Have a Solid Staffing Firm Brand:

  1. Solid brands identify their target audience and talk to their needs
  2. Brand awareness means differentiation for competition
  3. To have a solid brand your team has to stand behind your efforts
  4. People are more willing to work with brands that have a great reputation
  5. A solid staffing firm brand generates great ROI

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