BrandWhether you know it or not, your brand speaks volumes. Your brand is speaking to your target audience even when you don’t think you are actively engaging in branding efforts, but what is it truly saying?  Does your staffing firm brand communicate a feeling of trust and a solid reputation, or are your actions telling potential candidates and clients that you are inflexible and uncaring? Take a look at the following guidelines in order to make sure that your staffing firm branding efforts are sending the right message to your target audience.

Do you have a long history of providing reliable services and placing qualified candidates with clients? Is your brand communicating a feeling of trust and reliability? Carve out space on your website where you are able to proudly feature testimonials about your staffing firm services. Since today’s professionals rely on the internet for their information, conduct market research to see what is available online about your staffing firm. Are there posts on Glassdoor warning candidates about questionable practices or unfulfilled employment promises? Have individuals expressed displeasure over working for some of your clients and then blamed you for the unsatisfactory placements? Take action and attempt to resolve any outstanding issues and show your target audience that you are willing to work hard to ensure their satisfaction.

Does your brand effectively communicate what your staffing firm stands for and which niche of the industry you specialize in? Are you able to produce proof that you are delivering your services in a timely manner? As part of your staffing firm branding efforts, create whitepapers and case studies to highlight your abilities and the positive outcomes by your team. Show that your team members are willing to go the extra mile by hosting networking events and sponsoring certification courses. Meet regularly with your team to ensure that they are taking the time to prepare candidates for interviews and understand their career goals.

When it comes to business, it pays to think outside of the box and anticipate industry trends. In order to provide cutting edge services for your clients and candidates, it is vital that you actively monitor the industry and adjust your services accordingly. Make use of predictive analytics to stay one step ahead of your competition. Establish your staffing firm as a thought leader by providing helpful insights on industry forums and participating in group discussions. Have you identified a growing need in your staffing niche? Be proactive and identify ways that you are able to serve that need. Show your target audience that your ideas are cutting edge by designing a responsive website that sparks their interest with current technologies and eye-catching multimedia. By aligning your brand with innovation, you are communicating that your team is going to push the envelope for your clients and candidates.

Would you consider your team approachable? Do they serve as brand ambassadors by setting high expectations for themselves and always acting in a way that reflects well on your staffing firm? Engage with your audience through social media, at networking events and tradeshows, and in your everyday exchanges with clients and candidates. Be positive in all of your interactions and online postings. Communicate to your staffing firm target audience that you are excited about the services you provide and are anxious to meet with them and solve their staffing problems. Never rush people out of your office or off of the phone, or you are basically communicating to them that your plan is to rush through the process and only give them the minimal amount of attention. In order to have a great brand, you must be known for your thoroughness and attention to details.

Measure Your Efforts
Now that you know what you hope to communicate through your staffing firm branding efforts, it is important to carefully track your efforts. Establish a baseline by soliciting responses to brand surveys and conducting online searches to monitor your SEO ranking. Pay attention to your social media profiles and monitor your analytics programs to determine whether your efforts have had a positive impact on your brand. Measure satisfaction levels and customer loyalty rates by maintaining regular contact with your current clients and candidates and immediately addressing any concerns they may raise. After all, the best way to boost your brand is to have people who are willing to tell others how reputable, hard-working, trend-setting and approachable your staffing firm really is.

Key Takeaways to What Does Your Brand Say to Your Target Audience:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Communicate that your staffing firm is reputable and back it up with favorable testimonials
  2. Produce marketing collateral that speaks to your ability to work hard and exceed expectations
  3. Stay one step ahead of the competition and deliver trend-setting services
  4. Demonstrate to your target audience that your team is approachable
  5. Establish a baseline and monitor your brand building analytics

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