Market Research Market research are two words that are surprisingly scary for your average staffing firm. That’s because these words imply taking a deep dive into understanding the needs and motivations of your clients and most firms just don’t have the personnel to achieve this lofty goal. However, most firms don’t need to take a deep dive. We asked the sales people of ten different staffing firms if they research their client’s contacts prior to reaching out to them. You might be surprised to learn that, in fact, 98% of those sales people said that they do. We then asked them how often and how they go about doing this and all but a select few began looking at their feet.

The fact is that most sales people understand they should be researching the companies and contacts they are trying to reach prior to contact. Though, they don’t really know how, where to research them, or what they are truly looking for out of this research. If you believe your sales people are drilling into their prospects, then you may want to ask them these questions as well. You will likely hear that they don’t have the time to do it or that they don’t understand exactly what it is they’re looking for.

Prospecting without researching is like throwing a dart against a wall and trying to hit a specific mark over and over again. However, utilizing market research in your prospecting emails and calls allows for bonding with potential customers as quickly as possible. Here are some of our tips on making your market research a priority, where to turn, and what to look for as well asContact Us








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