Let’s face it, along with your brand, your website is the face of your staffing firm. With technology advancing on a daily basis, our websites are able to have the best features to drive optimal traffic. How is your website’s user experience? Is your navigation clear? Does your site have impressive features? In this blog, find out about more staffing firm website features that should be applied to your site immediately.

User Experience
Today, the user experience is the most important element of your staffing firm website thanks to Google’s new SEO update. Without UX, you are limiting your chances of online traffic, thus missing out on new client and candidate opportunities. A website enhancement trend of 2020 is simplicity. For maximum UX, create a navigation that is straight forward, organized, and simple to navigate. A simple navigation gets your point and mission across easily and saves time for anyone looking at your website. No one wants to go to a website and really search for what they are looking for. If it’s organized efficiently, your navigation should bring leads directly to where they need to be.

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Ready to Chat?
Another enhancement that is recommended for websites is a chat feature. A chat feature allows customers to receive quick answers to any questions they may have about your services. It’s a simple and very effective way to improve your customer service. With chat features, you need to ask yourself whether you want it controlled by AI or have a real person behind the wheel. A live chat features allows for someone to talk with a real representative of your staffing firm. This scenario is nice because you are able to ask detailed questions and received a tailored response. However, there is a possibility of a longer response time, unless you have someone sitting on the chat as their sole responsibility or a team sharing the responsibility. A chatbot powered by artificial intelligence is another route to go with a chat feature. Chatbots are robots that are programmed to answer specific sets of questions. A combination of both chat bot and a real person is also an effective option. Overall, a chat feature in this digital era is essential.

Load Faster. Load Faster.
In this digital era, we expect everything to be fast, and this includes your staffing firm’s website. Load time is a very important feature for a website. Fast loading websites improve UX by providing users with that they want without having to wait. The longer a user has to wait for a page or feature to load, the less likely they will stick around on that page or even your site. Fast loading sites are convenient and diminishes the likelihood of someone leaving your site before a page loads.

Get Creative / Parallax
Simplicity is key to a website, but that does not mean you can’t get a little creative with your design. Your website design should be clean and attractive all while providing the necessary information for current and future clients. A popular feature in websites is parallax. Parallax is a scrolling feature where background images and videos move slower than the foreground images. This creates an illusion of depth and is pleasant to the eye. This enhancement comes with many benefits as it directs users straight to your call to action, encourages interaction, and prolongs a user’s stay on your website. Your overall website design goes a long way with UX.

Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is also very important when it comes to enhancing your site. Does your staffing firm have a blog and/or podcast? If not, it’s time to start one! Having a blog or podcast (or both) on your website has so many benefits. This includes improving SEO, promoting your brand, and providing readers with valuable and knowledgeable content. These staffing firm website features helps to establish your company as an industry leader, all while creating relationships with current and future leads. This form of digital marketing, powered through SEO, gets your name and brand out there even more, so it should not be overlooked. For more advice and tips for starting or improving your blog or podcast, check out these articles.

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Don’t Forget About Your Job Postings!
Among the many other staffing firm website features listed above, another enhancement that should be applied to your site is Google Schema. Your job postings are one of the most important aspects of your website, and it should be boosted in every effective way possible. Google Schema creates, maintains, and promotes schemas for data through the use of tags in your HTML. This application increases your chance of your job postings showing up in a candidate’s Google search results. This is yet another enhancement that should be applied to your staffing firm website. For more information about your recruiting strategy, check out this blog.

These staffing firm website features are great ways to enhance the user experience of your site in 2020. If you have any questions about digital marketing strategy, recruiting strategy, or website development, feel free to contact us. Good luck out there.

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