It’s very important for your staffing firm to have a blog page on your website. Anyone is able to have a blog these days, but are they driving traffic back to your website? One of the biggest reasons to have a staffing firm blog is to increase your visibility among a large audience, allowing you to show up more frequently in search engine results and drive organic traffic to your website. Read on for the best ways to ensure your attracting readers and driving traffic to your blog.

1. Really Think About Your Content
Content is king. Your content is the driving force of bringing people to your staffing firm website. The content you produce should be relevant, interesting, or helpful to your target audience. Creating a content strategy and an editorial calendar of topics is a great way to start developing your blog content. It’s important to remember that your content should be meeting specific needs. Find out what your audience and social media followers want to see. This allows you to see what’s trending and what people find interesting.

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2. Narrow Down Your Target Audience
Your audience is everything and more! Once you decide who your target audience should be, you are able to determine the best approach with your content. As mentioned previously, find what they are interested in and cater to that. This is what makes people want to click on your article, directing them straight to your website.

3. Write a Killer Headline
The headline is the first thing people see on your staffing firm blog. It’s also what gets readers to your site. In some cases, you can have a great article with excellent content, but a lame headline causes it to fall quickly to its death. This is easily avoided by writing an interesting headline that caters to the readers interests.

4. Utilize All SEO Options
SEO is so important to incorporate throughout your entire website. Implementing SEO on your blog posts is what allows your articles to show up in search results. When it comes to SEO, keywords are essential. With every blog post you have, choose one keyword that you believe readers would use to find that post. This keyword should be included in your headline, several times throughout the blog, in your featured images, in your meta description, and your blogs link. This confirms that your staffing firm blog is able to appear in search results, ultimately driving more traffic back to your website.

5. Promote Across Your Social Media
If you write a blog, and just let it sit on the blog page on your website without further promotion, chances are no one is going to see. Although this is true, there are ways to avoid this mishap. Once you have a blog article published, you should immediately promote it on all of your staffing firm’s social media platforms. This is a great way to get your content across to your target audience. It also allows for people to share your content to reach even more people.

6. Include Photos or Videos
Adding images to your blog is not only visibly pleasing, but it’s also great for SEO. When implementing SEO, be sure to include your keyword in the Alt image tag on the photos you include in your blog. Not only are you able to include images, but videos as well. If relevant to your content, videos add a little extra entertainment to your content. Both options are great for readability and are visually pleasing.

7. Include Articles from Guest Writers
Guest writers are a great way to add more content. Having a different style of writing or a new perspective in your staffing firm blog, every once in a while, is a great way to keep your content interesting. Another benefit to including a guest writer in your content strategy is that it’s another way to promote your blog. Your guest writer is able to promote that article through their social media and to their audience, increasing your chances of engagement and increased website traffic.

8. Repost Past Content
When it comes to promoting on social media, there’s a chance people are missing the content you put out. Not everyone is on social media when you post, and occasionally your blog gets lost in the crowd of people’s feeds. If your content is still relevant, feel free to repost it. This gives that particular blog another chance of gaining more readers, as well as gives you a nice little break from writing that week.

9. Promote Through Email
Email is another great tool to use to promote your staffing firm blog. Consider drafting an email blast once or twice a month, promoting your latest blog posts and including links back to those articles. When emailing, you get to choose your target audience with the understanding that many people are able to see your content. If you would like to subscribe to our own blog emails so you don’t miss a beat with staffing firm marketing advice, contact us today and we’ll get you on the list!marketing strategy mistakes

Your staffing firm blog is a great tool to drive more traffic back to your website. Be sure your content is relevant and interesting and that you are promoting it effectively, and you are sure to see results.

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