Staffing firms don’t consider how to fully utilize staffing firm webinars as a marketing vehicle. When it comes to the traditional use of staffing firm webinars, it has mostly been used as a “show up and talk about yourself” event. These webinars are no longer well attended, which is why getting as creative as possible with webinars is truly where the value is for your brand.
We just completed a case study analysis at the Tech Serve Alliance Event in Boston where we worked on this specific issue with staffing StaffingFirm Webinarsfirm owners and leaders.

Creating the Concept
All creative approaches begin at the concept level, theme, or topic. If your topic were something like “Decreasing Time in the Hiring Process”, “Making Your Career in Consulting”, or “Advice from Major Companies on Attracting Best Talent”, we recommend reaching out to your client base to get two noteworthy company hiring managers to debate the issue, moderated by you.
To form additional panel discussions for other staffing firm webinars, you could easily do the same thing as above with consultants.

Referral Webinars
In order to achieve a referral webinar, follow a similar approach as above. Treat this as a case study of a client that made a referral and how it worked out in the end or take the approach of using a case study with a consultant who made excessive referrals. Have them debate the reasons why they made the referrals and what value they see from these referrals.

Key Questions to Ask
When building and using staffing firm webinars, you have to ask yourself a few key questions in order to get things on the right track.
•    What are you trying to achieve using staffing firm webinars?
•    What does the audience want?
•    How to make it come from another person other than yourself?
•    How to make it interactive for the audience?

Technology is the blessing and the curse of webinars. There are many platforms like Go-To Meeting/Go-To Webinar as well as that provide inexpensive, yet quality platforms to conduct your webinars on.
Friendly piece of advice: Test the platform you choose multiple times before you attempt your webinar.

The blessing with technology is its high availability, low cost, and ease of use. The curse of technology is that it does not always work the way you had planned, and what can go wrong, will go wrong.  That is why it’s so important to be highly prepared. Are you going to record the video for future use? Be sure to work with the technology to deliver your desired outcome.

Marketing Your Staffing Firm Webinar
Marketing your staffing firm webinar via mail, email, social media, and more to your specific target audience yields thought leading results. In turn, this makes your company an influencer in the staffing firm industry. In our age of content, marketing is king, updated approaches to traditional staffing firm webinars positions you well within the industry.

Takeaways – Using Staffing Firm Webinars to Increase Brand Awareness:
1.    Create intriguing concept
2.    Ask Questions to make it from another credible source
3.    Test your technology
4.    Correctly market your webinar via email, mail, social, etc.

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