Data is your friend. I know it is tough to stare at analytics and have the patience to see their meaning, but the value to your staffing firm marketing is invaluable. From the various data, you see when visitors come to your site, where they go, how long they spend there, how far through your site they go, exit points, mobile device usage, broken links and more. From an SEO perspective, the information contained in your staffing firm analytics is at the top of the list in importance because you see what landing pages are being hit the most frequent as well as some of the keywords that are driving the most traffic.

What to look for & How to Interpret your Staffing Firm Analytics
Well, we listed many of them above, but you need to know where your traffic is coming from. If your traffic is coming from Direct traffic then people are literally typing in your web address and coming to your site. The only challenge is that means that people who know you are coming to you.improve your staffing firm website SEO

What about all the people that don’t know you? Organic search is another stat that tells you if people are coming from Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. because someone did a search and found you. If this number is low then you are not being found and need to bolster your SEO and if it is high then you need to know where you are performing well and improve on other areas.

Is your site mobile? Do you think many of your visitors come from mobile? The numbers have been changing drastically. Two years ago, 20% of your traffic coming from mobile devices was great and today it is around 50%. Yes, applicants are applying to your site via a phone. Don’t take my word for it; check your data in your staffing firm analytics.

Where is your traffic coming from? Your data gets as granular as a suburb of a city to tell you where your traffic is coming from.

Do you have conversion reports set up? In other words, when someone comes to your “search jobs” page and finds a job, applies to it and it goes into your ATS (applicant tracking system), do you know who completed that full process vs. how many fell out? Why is that important? Well, if half of your traffic is falling out you could have technology problems, messaging problems or a difficult process that needs to be addressed. This data drives solid business decisions on how to attract new candidates. Every firm I speak with these days is saying that they need candidates, but what if half of your candidates are disappearing through the search process. Seems like a quick fix!

Staffing Firm Analytic Suites & Other Tools
We spoke about what you learn and watch for in the data, but how do you get it. There are so many tools out there, but the easy and most common first step is Google Analytics. It is free and takes about 15 minutes to have setup and on your site collecting data for you to review. All of the information I mentioned above is there.
There are several other competitors in the marketplace that give greater detail and they come with a cost. You have to evaluate the value you need for the cost. Additional tools like HubSpot allow you to track users down to the person and truly use them as lead generation.

Another tool in the marketplace is Lead Forensics which allows you to generate leads and target accounts for your sales teams. Chat bots on sites are now becoming quite common, but there are entire staffing firm analytics behind these tools to give you greater visibility into how to serve your staffing firm clients and consultants.

Data is, once again, your friend. Budget an hour to take a look at your Staffing Firm Analytics and pay attention to the things we have mentioned in this article and you quickly become addicted if you are interested in growing your business. Become a cyber sleuth today.S.J.Hemley Marketing

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