In today’s mobile-friendly environment, your staffing firm’s online social media presence is just as important as your company’s website. LinkedInIn the staffing world, it is essential that your firm and your recruiters are well-represented on LinkedIn. Whether your specialty lies in IT staffing or clinical staffing, LinkedIn is a great business development tool to help your recruiters locate qualified professionals. As the largest professional networking site with over 300 million registered users who live in countries all over the world, why wouldn’t you want your staffing firm to take full advantage of LinkedIn?

Establish Your Expertise and Build Credibility
Use LinkedIn as part of your social media marketing strategy to connect with industry leaders and to add credibility to your company. In order to build brand awareness and generate credibility for your staffing firm, it is essential for your business to actively participate in relevant LinkedIn groups. Convince potential clients and candidates of your expertise by sharing unique blog content with industry leaders and answering online questions. Build your staffing firm’s ROI by distributing updates about what is happening at your company and sharing news about any industry awards you have received. Encourage your employees to follow your company’s LinkedIn page and to share your content as a way of showing support and helping to increase your viewing audience.

Drive Traffic to Your Website
LinkedIn is a great way to increase your search engine optimization (SEO) and boost your social media marketing efforts. As part of your social networking efforts, start conversations on LinkedIn that lead potential candidates back to your services and to your company’s website. Generate interest in your staffing firm and nurture potential leads by positioning your staffing firm to take full advantage of LinkedIn. Create plugins on your website to drive traffic to your LinkedIn page, and don’t forget to include plenty of links from your LinkedIn profile and social media posts that direct followers to your website.

Make Use of LinkedIn Ads
Promote your staffing services to your target audience by creating a follow campaign through LinkedIn ads. These ad campaigns drive more traffic to your company’s LinkedIn page by attracting professionals within your identified target audience and encouraging engagement. LinkedIn recommended ads are a great way to increase your LinkedIn followers and grow your audience. LinkedIn ads allow your company to set a budget as well as specify which LinkedIn members you want to target. LinkedIn ads enable your staffing firm to take full advantage of LinkedIn by reaching your company’s specific target audience and generating strong leads.

Encourage Recommendations
Solicit recommendations from previous and current clients and candidates as part of your staffing firm’s social media marketing strategy. Services recommendations increase engagement with your target audience by automatically sharing those comments with the person’s followers. Everyone who visits your company’s profile is able to view these recommendations and glowing reviews from satisfied clients and candidates are your best source of new leads.

Research and Build Relationships
LinkedIn is an essential tool for your recruiting team and as such, it must be an integral piece of your staffing firm’s social media marketing strategy. Encourage your recruiters to leverage their LinkedIn presence by joining industry and skill-based LinkedIn Groups and expanding their networks. By inputting a few specific keywords into LinkedIn’s Advanced People Search function, your team is able to easily locate professionals within a targeted geographic area who have the skills and background necessary to fill their open requisitions. Remind your recruiters to follow key influencers within your niche of the staffing industry, as a way to stay up-to-date and monitor staffing trends.

Key Takeaways for Using LinkedIn to Your Staffing Firm’s Advantage:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Connect with industry leaders and build your company’s credibility
  2. Use LinkedIn to drive traffic to your website and increase SEO
  3. Create LinkedIn ads that are targeted to your specific audience
  4. Encourage clients and candidates to add recommendations to your company’s LinkedIn profile
  5. Ensure that your recruiters take full advantage of LinkedIn by researching potential candidates and building relationships

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