We all debate the need for our staffing firm website. Is it a lead generator? Is it an online brochure? Is it there because someone told you that you have to have a website? The fact is the reasons to not change a thing are the easy answers. Website

Five reasons not to update or change a thing on your staffing firm website
-The staffing firm website is not a lead generator, so why bother.
-I love my current site. It generates a ton of new leads and opportunities. Everyone says they love it.
-It takes a long time to complete.
-It is a headache to update, change or redo.
-I don’t even think I need a website.
But, are these the right answers?

Two tenths of a second. No second chances for a first impression.
The web is where both clients and candidates to your firm make their first impression about your company. Are you reputable? Are you a stable company? Will they benefit from doing business with you? The first thing you need to do is to determine your audience and what they are looking for out of your site. What can your business do for them? If they can’t identify who you are, what your company does and how it will help them, then they are gone. Defining your audience allows you to ask your audience questions that drive how you make any effort relevant, but most specifically your website.

Attention grabbing or just shocking?
Take your site out of the equation for a moment. What is in a brand and what can it do for you? Design is important because no one likes to go shopping in a dirty store and no one wants to eat in a filthy restaurant. Well, guess what…they are looking at your site to determine if you are clean, professional, strategic, articulate and more. Most importantly, determine what your firm represents and who you want to be regardless of the size of your organization and have the site conform accordingly. Make the site attractive and test it off of people that do not work for you, but are in your target audience. If they agree it is attractive (without hesitation) then you are probably in the right direction. Make sure it is easy to look at, in that fonts are not too big or small making reading difficult. You need to like it, but it is more important that your audience does.

Is your site producing leads?
Pretty pictures are great, but does the new staffing firm website have modern functionality? Is it easy to navigate and find the messages that are important? Do you have Website first impressions strong calls-to-action and are you driving them to landing pages and lead generation forms? Give information to get information. The average person is willing to give a few pieces of information in order to get content that helps them. The key is to provide content whether it be a demo, a case study, a white paper, a tips book – all of these are lead generation tools and the idea is to create conversions. This does not require extensive effort, it is not hard to set up. Your site can generate leads.

SEO and Content Management(CMS)
The first tool you are going to need in building your new site is a content management system (CMS). Simply put, you do not build a site without one. The job of the content management system is to make creating new pages, making content changes, changing images something that can be handled by non-developers and non-graphic designers. If the site is built properly than anyone can make these updates and changes very easily. These tools are easy to use and require very little supervision.

Once we have a site built in a CMS, that attracts our audience, is designed to meet/exceed their needs, has lead generation capability, we need to make sure that the site is optimized for search engine performance. There are many services out there and several self-help tools, but the best answer is that you need to have your site optimized and performing as well as possible in order to drive an audience to your site. Identifying keywords, tagging photos, links back to your site, links from your site, keyword tagging and more are among some of the things to think about. Check out more information on SEO to make sure that you cover this topic well. This is merely a glimpse and we can refer you to some great SEO firms if you need.

Five website takeaways:
You need to have an up-to-date site.
First impressions are everything.
Ask your target audience for their opinion of your brand.
If you are not using your site to generate leads..what is it doing?
Content Management Systems and SEO are the standard.?