Are you missing out on a huge source of potential leads?Lead Generation Have you neglected one of the most skilled talent pools at your disposal? Former consultants, especially the best and brightest individuals, represent an amazing source of qualified leads for your staffing firm. It is important to keep track of your former consultants and to periodically touch base with them to see whether they are interested in joining forces again. After developing a comprehensive lead management protocol, be sure to adhere to the following business practices in order to successfully generate leads by reconnecting with former consultants.

Develop a Lead Management Protocol
Before embarking on any staffing firm lead generation campaign, it is imperative that you establish a comprehensive lead management protocol. How are leads qualified, and what steps does your team have to take in order to convert them? What are your follow-up procedures with regard to contacting former consultants? Create a tracking system to ensure that you are accurately measuring your lead generation ROI and maintaining organized, up-to-date contact information. Meet with your team on a regular basis to discuss your company goals and expectations, and to ensure that lead generation efforts are being carried out consistently throughout your organization.

Graceful Exit
The bottom line for both candidates and staffing firms is not to burn your bridges. It is in everyone’s best interests to part on good terms, and staffing firms must ensure that great employees are allowed to exit gracefully. Even if a consultants is leaving to pursue an opportunity through another staffing firm, it is important to treat them with honesty and professionalism. When looking to generate leads by reconnecting with former consultants, the first step is to ensure that they depart your firm on a positive note instead of with a bad taste in their mouth. Establishing a dignified exit process is a direct reflection on your staffing firm and your brand promise, so be sure that your exit practices are creating brand ambassadors, not brand critics.

Stay Connected
Staying connected is essential when looking to stay on good terms with former consultants. If you are not already, make sure to reach out through social media. Linkedin is a great platform for cultivating a professional relationship, without being intrusive. Facebook groups are another medium for keeping the channels of communication open. Social media is a great way for former consultants to monitor your current job openings and for you to let them know that your door is always open. Encourage your most valuable employees, (current and former), to join in on discussions and participate in online forums. Positive, insightful, online comments are sure signs of true brand ambassadors.

Nurture Your Brand Ambassadors
Both current and former consultants need to be nurtured in order to guarantee that they remain loyal brand ambassadors and positive staffing firm lead generation sources. Periodically email your former consultants and invite them to participate in special gatherings and networking events. Encourage former consultants to participate in your corporate social responsibility efforts by adding them to your social giving and referral incentive campaign mailings. Include former consultants in drawings for promotional giveaways, and announce the winners over social media. Building and nurturing strong relationships is a pivotal step when looking to generate leads by reconnecting with former consultants.

Protect Your Investment
Regardless of your region or staffing industry niche, former consultants are bound to cross paths with your firm again in the future. Even if they end up working for one of your competitors, hold strong to your business practices and remain positive in all of your interactions. Your goal is to be remembered as an outstanding employer so that former consultants feel confident referring others in the future. Engage former consultants and take advantage of their particular skill sets, by encouraging them to serve as career mentors to current consultants. Host continuing education credit courses and offer other valuable informational programs in order to build brand loyalty and encourage former consultants become a reliable source of staffing firm lead generation.

Key Takeaways for Ways to Generate Leads by Reconnecting with Former Consultants:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Establish a comprehensive lead management protocol
  2. Establish a dignified exit process and treat employees in a professional manner
  3. Stay connected with former consultants through social media
  4. Nurture your brand ambassadors and encourage them to stay connected with your firm
  5. Invite former consultants to participate in valuable programs and take advantage of their strong skill sets

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