Digital transformation is at the top of everyone’s radar. We are all looking at how to do more with our technology and our web presence. In the past, we have spoken about the need to update your staffing firm website and now this has never been more true. We have discussed improving the design of your site, updating the user interface, improving your SEO and so on, but the fact is, we need to look at how each staffing firm website is going to drive business in 2020 and beyond.

Let’s kick off with one of the main points of discussion; what is the mission of your website? Are you using your staffing firm website for business development and candidate recruitment? How are you driving clients to your site? Have you implemented a chat bot? Are you adding valued content like case studies or research reports to your site? Are you educating your candidates about the state of the job market?

Your Website for Clients
The fact is that we all need to be thinking like our clients and thinking of the content that drives them. Ask your current clients what content they find valuable. There are so many areas to discuss here, but lets focus on the fact that your clients likely need access to hiring information from across your region, salary information or even information on next generation technology. All of the information you need is able to be built and added to your site. Now, what do you do with this information?staffing firm website

Your Website for Candidates
For your candidates and consultants, we all know that they want to search jobs and apply. With that said, have you ever looked at how easy it is for a candidate to find your available positions and the application process? Some staffing firm websites still have tough applications that really aren’t necessary. It is safe to say that all of the ATS’ (applicant tracking systems) parse resumes into the correct fields now, so there is very little reason to ask for address, city, state or detailed employment information.

Do you ask your candidates to participate in fresh research that you can assemble into a study for your clients and candidates? For example, the recent environment has caused both candidates and clients to be interested in how working from home is working out. Additionally, the availability of positions and the availability of talent is always a concern that can be turned into a study.

Why Create Content
These studies and research provide a value to both your clients and candidates which means that adding a contact form is perfectly acceptable. When you are providing quality content, the prospective client and/or consultant is much more likely to share their information with you in order to get the content. Keep in mind that having the study is one thing, but how you share highlights of the content is equally as important to driving a qualified lead. These highlights are meant to demonstrate that the content is worth their time, so be selective with the content you share.

Geofencing and Programmatic Display
Keep in mind that the technology now exists to know who is coming to your site and whether or not they give you their information. You are able to place geofences in multiple ways in order to identify your targets and the content previously mentioned gives them a reason to check you out. In the event that they do not select to give you the needed information, programmatic display advertising can be utilized to draw the non-responders back to you with advertising that follows them from your site to multiple web properties. This technology has become more mainstay and has amazing uses for delivering qualified leads.

Differentiation and Messagingstaffing firm website
It is past time to reexamine your messaging. Are you hitting the highlights or are you simply repeating the same old points? Keep in mind that remote working has created all kinds of new challenges, but it has also brought us some amazing solutions. Did you work with your clients to improve their hiring process by being a real partner? I am confident that each firm found new ways to serve their clients and drive added value. The big question is, have you added that to your staffing firm website messaging and differentiation? Remember, just because it has been on your website for many years does not mean that it is still relevant. Differentiation seems fairly straightforward, but it is one area that most firms are weak at when it comes to sharing it publicly. Don’t be afraid of the challenge to examine your messaging and differentiation to determine what it is that you truly bring to your clients and candidates that is different from others.

It is an overwhelming time and we want to put our best foot forward. With that said, if you are reading this and want to simply talk through your thoughts and questions, we are offering a free hour to do so. No commitment, just good will. Test us. Give us a call and we can help you get in the right direction. Be well and stay safe.

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