I think it’s safe to say that we are all happy to see 2020 come to an end, with high hopes that 2021 will be brighter. It has been predicted that 2021 will be a great year for technology, with new trends and updates that should have a positive effect on businesses. This includes one of the biggest professional social media platforms, LinkedIn. Over the years, LinkedIn has been a key connection tool for many people and brands. This doesn’t change in 2021. In fact, LinkedIn expects updates that make it even better for you and your staffing firm. So, let’s get started! These are the LinkedIn updates in 2021 for staffing firms that you should expect:

Live Events
Due to the pandemic, professionals have not been able to host or go to events as they normally would. This is likely to continue well into 2021, and LinkedIn is predicted to have an update that prepares for that. A great potential LinkedIn update of 2021 is the focus on virtual events. In 2020, LinkedIn created an Events tool while also integrating a live-stream function. While we have hopes of eventually returning to in-person normalcy, this events function remains widely appealing throughout the new year. Live video has proven to be the most engaging content on LinkedIn, and the platform is looking to expand its capabilities this year.

LinkedIn updates of 2021 for staffing firms

Improved LinkedIn Stories
I’ll be honest, LinkedIn stories are old news. But, what you don’t know are the predicted improvements that may be implemented this year. It’s predicted that LinkedIn is taking their stories up a level by incorporating improved connection abilities and potential live-streaming functions. The live-stream function is a great benefit for businesses because they are able to share live videos that remain at the top of your followers feeds. Again, this is a prediction made by SocialMediaToday, however this function has worked well for businesses on Instagram and should do the same for LinkedIn.

Not Just Pictures, but More Video!
It has been found that videos are the most engaging form of content on LinkedIn with users being 20x more likely to share a video over any other content. Consider this for your 2021 digital marketing strategy! It has been predicted that more video will be a LinkedIn trend of 2021, so be sure to hop on that bandwagon.

Improved Search and Engagement
LinkedIn has always had a large number of professional users and engagement, but this has increased greatly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform’s team is working on search updates to improve engagement. As we know now, the search capabilities end at people and companies. With this new update, it will be made easier to search for jobs, professional courses, events, and other relevant content.

Accessibilitybusiness and marketing strategy
Another part of the LinkedIn updates of 2021 for staffing firms is the rolling out of new accessibility features. This includes new layout decisions and elements that allow for a bigger touch target and text scaling. Along with this, there’s an improvement in readability.

Visuals to Improve the Look of Your Page
LinkedIn is getting a makeover is 2021! The professional platform is expected to boast a new visual overhaul with a warmer color palette, complete with blue and green accents. This LinkedIn update is designed to give the platform and softer and friendlier appearance for users. Throughout the new year, more layout updates are to be implemented that include more white space, fewer divider lines, and an increase in decorative icons. These visual improvements are sure to refresh your staffing firm’s page.

These LinkedIn updates of 2021 for staffing firms and professional predictions are sure to improve your experience on this social platform. As we are still in a remote stage, utilize LinkedIn effectively and continue promoting your online presence.


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