To a Sales Strategy that Drives Your Business and Your Success Leave it to luck and you are done! It is that simple when it comes to the sales strategy of your company. You might land some deals here and there, but don’t make the mistake of letting this trick you into putting things on autopilot. Like with many things in life, having an action plan allows you to achieve goals. The obvious purpose of your sales team is to make sales, but how do they maximize their chances of being successful? Does your staffing firm have a sales strategy that helps you drive the business results you want? Follow the steps below to create such a plan and support the growth you desire.

Know What You Want
Do you ever go grocery shopping without a list of the things you need to buy? Sorry if this touched a nerve. Likewise, how are you going to generate the sales strategy for your staffing firm, if you do not know what you want to achieve? How much do you want to grow your business inside the territories you operate? How long should the sales cycle be? How many leads do you need to generate to close the business you wish? How do you plan to increase the number of your leads? What is the plan to maintain and grow existing accounts? Knowing the end goal helps determine the way to get there and helps your team to stay focused.

Learn Lessons
Being in the staffing business automatically means that you have deals that landed and others that did not. This by itself is a great source of information. Look back and dig into your successes and failures to get an understanding of what you did right and what went wrong. What makes your services stand out and where does your team have a hard time selling? This analysis is crucial when you create the sales strategy for your staffing firm because it enables you to learn important lessons from your setbacks, see where there is room for improvement, as well as replicate your success.

Choose Your Channels
To win a battle you need both a good strategy and the right weapons. The same applies when you design the sales strategy for your staffing firm. You need to find the right channels that help your team connect with potential clients and candidates. The good news is that technology today offers a plethora of choices to communicate with your audience and win their business. From social media to email marketing to content marketing to networking events, you now have the flexibility to generate leads based on the channel that is more receptive to them. Sit down with your staff to choose the best avenues to reach your audience.

Follow Up
A very important aspect to keep in mind when you create the sales strategy for your staffing firm is the follow up process. This is where most companies drop the ball. The fact that you manage to get through some leads doesn’t mean that they are going to do business with you. It just shows that you managed to get their attention. In order to cross the finish line, you have to follow up with them and make sure that everything evolves as planned and a deal is reached. The same applies after you make the deal. Be sure to stay in touch and show that you care for their success. Prove to them that they made the right choice and set the foundation for more business in the future.

Invest In Your People
The challenge of establishing a sales strategy for your staffing firm is not an easy one. The last thing you want is to have an action plan in place that no one follows, or even worse, a plan that the new staff doesn’t know how to put in practice. The only way to keep your sales team focused on the sales goals and bring new members up to speed with expectations is through regular training. When you train your sales people you keep them on track, you increase the chances of them staying with your organization, you enhance their productivity, you realize consistent results, you minimize the chances of mistakes and you build a strong employer brand within your industry. Remember, the more training, the easier the success.

Key Takeaways for To a Sales Strategy that Drives Your Business and Your Success:

  1. Know what you want to achieve before you start designing your strategy
  2. Look into your past setbacks and successes to learn from mistakes and replicate success
  3. Use the right channels to communicate with your audience
  4. Follow up with both leads and newly closed clients
  5. Keep training your sales team to increase their success

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