redesign your staffing firm websiteWhen did you first launch your staffing firm’s website? Have you taken the time to redesign it since then, or are you hoping that the status quo is going to sustain your business? With all of the recent innovations in coding and website development, there is no excuse for not updating your site. Search engines reward updated, responsive sites with higher SEO rankings and by sending new traffic their way, so don’t miss out on this opportunity for your business. Additionally, clients and candidates judge your site every single day. If your current domain fails to meet the following criteria then it is definitely time to redesign your staffing firm website.

Time Warp
Many websites are still stuck in a time warp. Is your domain one of them? Burying your head in the sand and failing to take on a website redesign is not going to solve the problem. The days of ignoring the obvious and thinking that your sales team and recruiters are going to make up the slack through cold calls are gone. In today’s mobile-dominant world, if you do not have a strong web presence then you may as well close up the shop. The ability to apply online, an integrated ATS and behind the scene tracking analytics are essential. Get rid of tired, outdated stock images, and make way for cutting edge graphics and web design effects to ensure that your competition does not leave you in the dust.

Responsive is the Way to Go
Having a great looking website with all of the latest bells and whistles is only helpful if it is responsive to all types of devices. Work with a web designer to ensure that your site is going to function well on every cell phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer. The programming required is more extensive, but the initial expense is well worth it when you consider the potential gains to be realized from new business. When selecting your multi-media, be mindful of the limitations of mobile devices. Images that are not optimized, lengthy videos and external embedded media all result in increased page loading times and frustrated mobile users. Before you start to redesign your staffing firm website, talk with your web developer to make sure that you are doing everything possible to produce a fully responsive site.

Home Page Hook
Take a look at your website’s home page. When viewed as the front door to your staffing firm, what does it say about your services? Is it portraying the right image to visitors and effectively communicating your brand? Does it appeal to your entire target audience, or only to one segment of your business? In order to generate leads, it is important to not only draw users to your website, but also to make sure that they stick around once they land on your home page. Evaluate your home page and don’t be afraid to compare it to those of your competitors. In order to grab the attention of new visitors and encourage them to return in the future, your home page must contain eye-catching images, intuitive navigation, and insightful information.

Strong Calls-to-Action
Once traffic arrives on your landing page, is it clear what they need to do? Do you have informative content to draw them in, and are you successfully gathering the required contact information without making them jump through hoops? Monitor online forums to determine what your target audience is interested in, and create new content to address those needs. Frequently assess your calls-to-action to ensure that they are optimized. Tie in your calls-to-action with your marketing campaigns in order to effectively generate new leads and funnel them to your sales and recruiting teams for follow-up.

Is your website getting bogged down and making visitors suffer through increasingly long load times?  Are there broken links that are leading to increased drop off rates? If you do not currently make use of analytics programs, now is the time to start. Without analytical data, you have no way of tracking your website traffic and fixing problems when things go awry. Lead generation promotions that are routed through your website, content marketing selections, and social media efforts must be carefully monitored through analytical programs in order to gauge their effectiveness and adapt future campaigns. Make sure to integrate the proper analytical tools when you redesign your staffing firm website.

Key Takeaways for Time to Redesign your Staffing Firm Website:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Make sure that your staffing firm website is not stuck in a time warp
  2. Work with a web designer to ensure that your site is responsive
  3. Evaluate your home page and be sure to include eye-catching images, intuitive navigation, and insightful information
  4. Frequently assess your calls-to-action to ensure that they are optimized
  5. Integrate the proper analytical tools when you redesign your staffing firm website

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