Branding StrategyDoes your staffing firm brand speak to your target audience? When potential clients and candidates are looking for a new staffing firm to work with, does your name come to mind? Today’s job seekers are looking for experienced recruiters who are placing candidates with top companies. Clients are searching for qualified professionals who are eager to solve problems and work hard. In order to achieve success, you must communicate to your target audience that your staffing firm is able to fill both of these critical roles. If you are looking to develop new leads and grow your talent pool, then it is definitely time to prioritize your staffing firm branding efforts.

The Clock is Ticking
Lost time means lost business, so it is imperative that you define your brand and create a snapshot of exactly what your staffing firm stands for. What services do you offer and which staffing niche do you specialize in? What are your company goals? When you take the time to prioritize your staffing firm branding efforts, you must carefully lay the groundwork for success and create brand ambassadors along the way.

Schedule Your Time
Now that you know what you are hoping to communicate to prospective clients and candidates, how are you going to get that message across to them? What mediums are you planning on using to deliver each aspect of your branding message? Create a comprehensive branding plan and schedule each initiative on your marketing calendar. Stick to your target dates and hit each of your deadlines in order to guarantee a return on your investment (ROI). Remember to not inundate your target audience with emails or posts that are too frequent or you risk alienating them. Your goal is to create brand ambassadors, not to persuade them to sign on with another staffing firm.

Brand Ambassadors Around the Clock
Encourage your team to promote your brand and cultivate strong relationships with your target audience in order to build a thriving business. Remind them that they are brand ambassadors for the staffing firm and encourage them to always put their best foot forward when they are speaking about the business. Host regular team meetings and listen to their thoughts and concerns. Since your recruiters and sales people are the initial point of contact with potential clients and candidates, they are the ones who are going to be able to communicate any brand issues or potential roadblocks you may be facing.

Cause for Alarm
Before you jump into your brand building campaign and set your sites on attracting the attention of new leads, remember that your current clients and candidates must remain top of mind as you prioritize your staffing firm branding efforts. Let them know that they are appreciated by maintaining regular contact with them and by immediately addressing any concerns that are raised. Nurture your client base by inviting them to networking meetings or focused events. Send out email blasts to alert them to upcoming tradeshows, and be sure to invite them to any breakout sessions or cocktail hours that your brand is sponsoring.

Keep Your Eye on the Numbers
The only way to know whether your branding efforts are working is to watch your metrics. Establish a baseline by soliciting responses to informal surveys or by conducting market research within your target audience. Determine what your brand means to current candidates and clients as well as professionals who are not currently working with your staffing firm. Measure your brand impact by monitoring social media analytics, or by working with companies who specialize in measuring customer loyalty. Nurture those groups who are actively promoting your brand as well as those who are passively following your company profiles. Have you also identified any individuals with less than favorable views of your staffing firm brand? Take the opportunity to reach out to them through social media and address any issues they may have. Address their concerns and make adjustments to your service delivery model in order to hopefully convert them into new potential business.

Key Takeaways to Time to Prioritize your Staffing Firm Branding Efforts:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Define your brand and lay the groundwork for success
  2. Create a campaign calendar and stick to your timeline
  3. Remind your team that they are brand ambassadors for the staffing firm at all times
  4. Prioritize your current client base as you continue to build your brand
  5. Establish a baseline and keep a close eye on your marketing analytics

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