Has your staffing firm added podcasts to your content marketing strategy yet? Podcasts have been becoming increasingly popular over a large audience with 78% of the US population now familiar with the medium. Monthly podcast listeners have grown 61.5% in 3 years! This continuous growth in podcasts comes with new trends and technologies that allow the industry to change in big ways. In this blog, discover the latest trends in podcasting for staffing and how it effects your business and marketing strategy.

Podcast Advertising is on the Rise
Podcast ad revenue is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. Did you know that about 80% of podcast listeners listen to most of a podcast episode without skipping the ads? Going further with this statistic, 62% of those listeners even consider new services from hearing them in podcast ads.

podcasting trends for staffing

Source: buzzsprout.com

It has become easier for organizations to find podcast sponsorship opportunities, and this is due to increased podcast consumption worldwide. One of the predicted podcasting trends for staffing is that marketing budgets will grow for podcast advertising as it grows in popularity and its ability to target specific audiences with more precision than other media outlets.

Live Podcasting
A variety of podcasts hosts have found that doing live recordings boosts audience engagement. It also serves as a new source of revenue if your staffing firm decides to charge an admission entry to listen to your live show. For example, live shows can be similar to webinars or panel discussions by conducting interviews, Q&A sessions, debates, and more.

Listeners are Here to Learn
Many listeners enjoy podcasts because they are learning something new. As a staffing firm, you have the upper hand of being a thought leader when it comes to your podcasts. When targeted to the correct audience, many will find that they are learning something new within topics that they are interested in.

Podcasts Have Consistent Listener Growth
One of the greatest trends in podcasting for staffing is the consistency in its growth among listeners. Over the last decade, we have seen consistent growth with evidence of that growth increasing even more in the future. Recently, podcasts have been seen as more than just a form of entertainment, but also a great opportunity for businesses and brands as well.

Staffing Firm Podcast Hosts Continue to be Trusted Influencersstaffing firm market research tools
Many podcast hosts have a great reputation of being able to share knowledge and perspectives on specific topics. In the world of social media, “influencers” have become widely popular and trusted, allowing listeners to continuously return to their podcasts to learn more of what they have to say about specific topics. Your staffing firm podcast is able to do exactly this. Become an influencer of the staffing world and your target audience will thank you for all that you teach them.

More Generations of People Are Becoming Podcast Listeners
Podcasts are not just for Millennials and Gen Z. One of the growing podcasting trends for staffing is that they are becoming widely popular for all age groups. The rising popularity of podcasting now includes all generations, so what are you waiting for? Create your staffing firm podcast today!

Podcasting trends for staffing are growing year after year, and it’s time to jump on the bandwagon. Check out our podcast, StaffingREEL, and if you have any questions about getting your own podcast started feel free to contact us.

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