staffing firm analytical dataThere are lies, damned lies and statistics. A thriving staffing firm relies on the latter to evaluate and measure the results of its marketing efforts. How effective are your email marketing campaigns? How long does it take your recruiting team to make a placement? Is your social media strategy a driving force for audience engagement? Are you satisfied with your lead generation initiatives or is there room for improvement? When you come across questions like the above, guessing is not an option. The more educated your answers are, the better decisions you are able to make. And for the latter to happen, you need to utilize your staffing firm analytical data.

Clear Picture
In order to take successful future initiatives, you need to rely on historical data that enables you to justify your decisions. A thorough look and analysis of past metrics help companies identify discrepancies and find patterns to work around them. Which marketing efforts worked better than others and what made them so successful? Are your sales and recruiting teams following your lead generation strategy and how can you help them stay on track? When should you step in, and how can you make your efforts more effective and your people more efficient? Only a dive into your staffing firm analytical data can provide insight and help you stay on top of your game.

Any staffing firm that wants to grow and win a greater share in the industry needs to make critical business decisions that are based on real-time data. For example, for your operations to thrive, you need to know how your team is performing and where there is room for improvement. How long does is take your team to fill an open position? Do your best practices work or is it time to revamp your strategy? Did the last marketing campaign bring in the ROI you expected? Is your website fueling your pipeline with solid leads? The only way to know what works within your organization and what needs to be optimized, is by keeping a close eye on your real-time staffing firm analytical data.

For your staffing firm to stay ahead of competition, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of the staffing industry. Collecting and utilizing staffing firm analytical data enables you to be aware of future industry trends and adapt to the changes they bring. What are clients looking for in candidates? Have the expectations changed since the last time you looked? How can your sales and recruiting teams improve their staffing services and bring in more business?  Diving into the data helps you identify opportunities for growth and also allocate your staffing firm resources. Take advantage of predictive analytics to stay on the track of success.

If you want to see your staffing firm grow and outpace competition, you need to ensure that your website is the primary source of generating leads. Every marketing initiative must direct your audience to your website, where they take the actions you wish them to take. That being said, you need to have a crystal clear view of how it performs.  How much traffic do you have every month? Is it increasing or decreasing, and why? Is there any chance visitors land on error pages or click on broken links? Which marketing campaigns have more impact on your audience, and how is that translated to winning more business? Dive into your staffing firm analytical data and get the right answers.

Lead Generation
Monitoring your staffing firm analytical data allows you to look into your past record, identify glitches and optimize your processes, foresee trends and adapt to them, and find ways to improve your firm’s performance. All these benefits result in achieving your ultimate goal: getting better ROI out of your lead generation efforts. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is key in winning the trust of your audience. Sit down with your sales and recruiting teams to make sure that everyone follows your lead generation and follow-up strategies and you see the outcomes you want. Use your staffing analytics correctly in order to become more competitive and achieve success. Remember, your brand matters, but not without ROI.

S.J.Hemley MarketingKey Takeaways for The Importance of Your Staffing Firm Analytical Data:

  1. Looking into analytical data helps you gain insight of your company
  2. Use analytics to see what works and what doesn’t within your firm
  3. Predictive analytics allow you to stay on the track of success
  4. Dive into your staffing firm analytical data to understand how your website performs
  5. Staffing analytics enable to improve your lead generation

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