Business is going well and you are getting new clients and candidates through your various marketing efforts, so why do you need to worry about building your brand?Branding Although things might be looking up at the moment, it is important to realize that without a strong brand, those new clients and candidates are sure to be walking out the door very soon. What would happen if you found a new dentist who treated you like a king for your first visit, and then failed to back up his work when you were experiencing pain a few weeks later? A strong staffing firm brand helps to position your firm for success by building a target audience of loyal followers and spreading your branding message and good reputation throughout the staffing firm industry. In order to build a strong staffing firm brand, it is essential that you remain true to your staffing firm, position your firm to stand out from your competitors, involve your team, create loyal brand ambassadors and ensure that your brand is visible across all potential markets.

Be True to Your Staffing Firm
Your staffing firm brand must truly represent all aspects of your firm, from the inside out. Evaluate your current workplace and pay particular attention to your company culture and your perceived employer brand. If current or past employees are frequently posting to Glassdoor about their terrible work conditions, chances are that potential clients and candidates are seeing those posts when they conduct research on your firm. A great staffing firm promotes a positive team environment which then translates into a positive experience for clients and candidates. Ensure that your brand effectively communicates your company values and service quality. Remember that your brand message must provide valuable information and remain consistent over time in order to attract potential clients and talent to your staffing firm.

Position your Firm to Stand Out
How are your services different from those of your competitors? Where does your team excel, and what strengths set you apart from other more generalized staffing firms? Finding your area of specialization and carving out a niche for your company is an essential part of the differentiation process. Work with your team to draft a positioning statement and constantly update it to reflect current practices. Your positioning statement helps to guide your team in their respective roles and provides the framework that structures your staffing firm goals and objectives. Who are you and who do you hope to be? Use this information as a foundation for other marketing collateral and to drive your overall marketing strategy.

Involve Your Team
As the staffing firm owner, you obviously have the most to lose if you are not able to build a strong staffing firm brand and stimulate growth; however, your team also suffers if the business does not thrive. Involve your recruiters and sales managers in your branding efforts. Invite their input when setting long-term goals in order to obtain their buy-in. A strong staffing firm brand begins and ends with your staff. The message they send out reflects directly on your business. If your team believes in your brand, they are going to actively promote your staffing firm.

Create an Army of Ambassadors
Now that your team is on board, you have assembled a core of Sergeants and Corporals for your ambassador army. The best message in the world is only effective if someone helps you to spread the word, so focus on creating loyal brand ambassadors throughout your target audience. Insist on top notch service from your recruiters and sales managers, and treat clients and candidates with respect at all times to help build a strong staffing firm brand. Brand power dictates that those who are happy with the treatment they receive are going to return for future business and also spread the word to friends and coworkers. By creating brand ambassadors for life, you are guaranteeing the success of your staffing firm for years to come.

Be Everywhere
In order to build a strong staffing firm brand, you must guarantee that your message is reaching your identified target audience. Social media is a great way to expand your scope and spread your branding message across multiple platforms. Update your website and ensure that your brand is prominently featured in all of your marketing efforts. Whether you are participating in tradeshows and attending networking events, take advantage of every opportunity to promote your brand.

Key Takeaways for the Importance of a Strong Staffing Firm Brand: S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Ensure that your brand effectively communicates your company values and service quality
  2. Identify areas of differentiation as a way to better position your staffing firm to stand out
  3. Ask your team for input when setting long-term goals in order to obtain their buy-in
  4. Focus on creating loyal brand ambassadors throughout your target audience
  5. Ensure that your brand is prominently featured in all of your marketing efforts

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