Social media sites from LinkedIn to Twitter, are great tools to help staffing firms better connect with their target audience, increase their search engine and return on investment results.Social Media However, there are ways of using social media that hinder your business. It’s important to be careful and conscious about the decisions you make around social media. Take a look at these five do’s and don’ts to using social media for your staffing firm.

Social Personality
Not every company needs to have a social media brand that is clever or funny. It is important for you to project personality through social media in order to show your target audience that you are human, relatable, and not all business. However, don’t go overboard with trying to be personable to the point where you are sharing irrelevant or inappropriate information. Remember to always keep your audience in mind when sharing your social personality.

Do It Now
Many staffing firms are hesitant to start social media profiles because they are intimidated by either the technical aspect, commitment, or feeling as though they don’t have enough content to share. By not using social media for your staffing firm, you are missing out on opportunities to optimize your search engine results, and increase your return on investment. They require time and effort, just as any other part of a business, but it is highly worth it. Create social media accounts today in order to stay up-to-date with the times and interact directly with your target audience.

Be Consistent
When you create social media accounts for your company, don’t create the account just to have one and then post once a month. If you don’t post consistently to your accounts, your target audience is going to lose interest. Don’t post different information on different social media platforms. Always be consistent with the information you share with your clients and candidates; post the same information on each social media profile.

No one wants someone speaking directly at them all of the time with no other interaction. Therefore, be sure to network and interact with your audience. Join industry groups on LinkedIn, respond to comments on Facebook, and retweet relevant information on Twitter. Not interacting with your audience is another way to ensure that they are going to lose interest. The beauty behind social media is the ability to have direct communication with your clients and candidates so do interact with them.

Don’t Provoke
It’s very important to not lash back at unhappy clients or consultants when using social media for your staffing firm. Respond in real time to any negative comments and respond as nicely as possible. Delayed reactions give the perception that staffing firms don’t care, which could have cascading consequences. You are likely to increase your following if you are seen responding quickly and positively to unhappy clients or consultants.

Five Key Takeaways to Using Social Media for Your Staffing Firm:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Do show personality through your social media sites, but don’t forget to keep your target audience in mind
  2. Create a social media profile today, don’t wait and miss great opportunities to enhance your business
  3. Don’t post once a month or different information to each social media site; stay consistent
  4. Don’t only post information, but interact with your target audience as much as possible
  5. Respond quickly and positively to any negative comments instead of provoking the unsatisfied candidate or client

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