BrandingDoes branding come before lead generation or in conjunction? Your staffing firm branding efforts must involve more than just creating a cool company logo and hoping that people spread the word about your services and bring in your audience. Branding is accomplished everyday by posting relevant content to your staffing firm website and establishing your firm as a resource for candidates and clients who are searching for answers. A dedicated blog helps to increase your online audience and draw them into a conversation. Cleverly written blog articles increase your chances of grabbing your audience’s attention and encouraging them to share your content with their personal networks. By increasing your visibility within the market, you boost your staffing firm brand and you spread the word about the quality of your services.

Grow Your Target Audience
Search out your ideal demographics by carefully selecting blog topics that are of interest to your target audience. In order to grab their attention and keep them coming back to read future articles, engage your readers by featuring different types of media and by making the material user-friendly. Avoid articles that are too lengthy. As is the case with most forms of writing, your goal is to not only educate, but also to entertain. Today’s on-the-go candidates and clients do not have the time to read a seven page statement that itemizes everything you have ever learned about the staffing industry. If you successfully draw them in with your blog articles, they are hopefully going to explore other pages on your site and follow-up by requesting some of your more detailed eBooks or whitepapers.

Increase Engagement
Now that your blog has attracted the attention of your ideal target audience, it’s time to ramp up your social media efforts and truly get them talking. In order to boost your staffing firm brand, you need to actively engage with your blog visitors and encourage them to leave you a message or even chat with you live. Blogs and social media go together like PB&J, so make the most of your blog by promoting it through your social media profiles. Don’t forget to add an appropriate image to your social media post, as people are likely to click on a post that contains an image and pass over a text-only post.

SEO Benefits
Given our increased reliance on the internet, people are researching new products and services online and relying on search engines to lead them to the best websites. In order to increase your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) ranking, you need to get the attention of sites like Google and Bing. Boost your staffing firm brand by writing articles that speak to your staffing firm’s strengths. Search engines are looking for optimized websites and they are tracking the number of visitors to your site, so draw them in with new, informative blog content on a regular basis.

Heart of your Content Strategy
Blogs constitute the majority of your posted original content. In addition to case studies and whitepapers which are always available on your website, blog articles represent content that is produced on a regular basis according to the guidelines you have established in your editorial calendar. Content is king, so remember to take advantage of each and every blog article that you write. Looking to highlight a major milestone? Do it up right with eye-catching images or video to invite your audience into your staffing firm’s company culture. Allow your readers to understand who you are and to connect with your staffing firm on a deeper level.

Industry Influencer
Prospective candidates are looking to you for guidance. Clients are hoping to locate a competent firm that is capable of fulfilling their staffing needs. By posting informative blog articles on relevant topics, you are demonstrating your knowledge and insights into the industry. Share your articles on targeted LinkedIn groups in order to establish your firm as an expert in your niche and boost your staffing firm brand. By sharing information on your services and methods, you are ultimately building up your firm’s authority and reputation.

Key Takeaways for Branding Benefits of Your Blog:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Search out your ideal demographics by carefully selecting blog topics
  2. Actively engage with your blog visitors and initiate a conversation with them
  3. Draw in your audience with new, informative blog content on a regular basis and attract the attention of search engines
  4. Blogs constitute the majority of your posted original content
  5. Establish your firm as an expert in your industry niche by sharing blog articles on relevant topics

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