Did you know that 57% of US consumers listen to audio podcasts? Did you know that statistic is continuously increasing as you read this blog? The number of podcast listeners has even increased by 42% since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s all true! Podcasting is a form of digital marketing that has been increasing in popularity over a wide audience for years. So, have you included it in your marketing strategy yet? Continue reading to discover the benefits creating a staffing firm podcast has on your business.

Simple to Get Started and Continue Producing
What’s great about starting a podcast is the simplicity of it! All you need is a computer, a pair of headphones, a high-quality microphone, and the editing software of your choice. For editing software, we recommend using Adobe Audition. It’s simple to use, even if you’re a beginner. Besides the equipment needed to record your podcast, podcast marketing is a lot easier than other forms of digital marketing. This doesn’t mean you should disregard other forms of digital marketing, but podcasts are easy to produce, doesn’t require a lot of equipment, and doesn’t require much editing skills.

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Once your podcast is created, it’s even easier to get onto platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify. All you need is a podcast host to get you started. Our podcast, StaffingREEL, uses Blubrry, as our podcast hosting service. Once you create an account and set up your podcast, all you need to do is submit your staffing firm podcast to various platforms and you’re good to go!

Reach a New Audience and Create New Connections with Clients and Prospects
Podcasting allows your marketing efforts to reach a whole new audience you may not have been reaching before. Podcasts are great because people are able to listen to them from anywhere, while doing anything. It’s also been found that educational and enjoyable podcasts frequently benefit from word-of-mouth sharing. Frequent podcast listeners are very passionate and are always wanting to spread the word on great podcasts.

Creating a staffing firm podcast is also a great way to create new connections with clients, candidates and prospects. It’s a revolutionary way of communicating your ideas, services, and industry trends and topics with your audience. Your voice is able to serve as a tool to connect prospects with your business and staffing firm brand. People generally establish connections with others that share the same experiences and interests. Podcasting is a great way to share those thoughts with your audience, allowing for those connections to flourish.

Brand Awareness
Digital marketing has done wonders for staffing firm branding. Podcasting is just another digital solution for establishing brand awareness. Similar to your staffing firm blog, podcasts allow you to communicate your expertise, industry insights, and more to your audience. This builds great credibility for your staffing firm as it pins you as a thought leader. Overall, podcasting serves as an educational and digital marketing tool that greatly supports your brand.

Increases Search Engine Rankings
A staffing firm podcast is another great addition to your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. With each episode, you are able to load it with great keywords that apply to your staffing firm services. And as we know, keywords help immensely with search engine rankings. When posting your podcast on your website, we recommend to post the transcription of the episode along with it. That transcript contains many keywords that help with your website’s Google rankings, therefore increasing your website traffic.

Increases Website Content and Traffic
Speaking of website traffic, your staffing firm podcast is a great way to increase that! It’s also a great addition to the other content you are producing and posting on your website. With effective marketing through social media, email, traditional marketing, and more, your staffing firm website has a greater opportunity of drawing more traffic and interest to the content you are producing.

Cost-Efficientstaffing firm market research tools
Starting your staffing firm podcast requires minimal marketing expenses. While the price of equipment varies depending on the quality and brands you desire, it’s only a one-time payment that costs no more than $200. The only other expense that comes with podcasting is the use of the podcast hosting platform of your choice. Even this, on average, is only around $20 or less per month, depending on the services you desire from the hosting platform. Compared to other forms of digital marketing, such as video marketing, podcasting is considered very cost-effective for smaller businesses that don’t have a large marketing budget.

It’s Fun!
Lastly, podcasting for your business is fun! Generating conversations with industry leaders on riveting topics is not only fun to talk about, but great to listen to. Your staffing firm has the freedom to discuss a variety of industry topics and experiences that not only you will find interesting, but others as well.

Creating a staffing firm podcast is a great, cost-efficient addition to any marketing strategy. It generates more content, website traffic, improves SEO, and allows for more connections to be made with your target audience. For more about getting your staffing firm podcast started, give us a call! Be sure to check out our podcast, StaffingREEL, as well for the latest staffing industry trends and conversations.

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