The Benefits of Creating an Online Social Media PlanAre you still thinking about it? Individuals use social media platforms as a means of interaction and communication on a daily basis. Similarly, social media has changed the way companies reach out to their audience, as well as the way audiences learn more about companies. If your staffing firm doesn’t have an online social media presence, then you have some work to do. Be mindful that by saying presence, we don’t mean the creation of company profiles that you barely update, but rather a carefully thought and executed plan that takes advantage of the benefits of social media for your staffing firm. Below, we elaborate on some of these benefits.

More Engagement
With millions of internet users having accounts on social media, your company has a tremendous opportunity to increase its engagement with your audience. From posting job openings to creating giving campaigns to providing company updates and client achievements, social media gives you the opportunity to provide an insight of your staffing firm culture and drive engagement. Sit down with your team and build an editorial calendar of what you are going to post and when. Meet regularly to ensure that everyone sticks to the plan, that your team interacts with your audience promptly and in a professional way, and to make sure that engagement levels are increasing and whether you need to take any necessary action.

More Content Sharing
One of the benefits of social media for your staffing firm is that it offers you additional ways to communicate your message to your target audience. Facebook and Twitter are just a few of the channels you can use to share fresh content and attract new candidates and clients. Social media allows you to narrow your reach to desired groups based on demographics and geography. In addition, you can use your social network accounts to promote your company’s blog and be seen as an industry leader. This is where you can initiate subject matter discussions and talk about your successes and differentiation. Be careful not to overdo it with updates and don’t forget to allow users to comment on your content.

More Recruiting
Applicants use social media to look for new job opportunities and locate reputable staffing firms. They tend to work with companies that share their same interests and have an active online presence. For example, an applicant is going to visit LinkedIn to find out more about a recruiter or hiring manager before an interview, go on Facebook to find out more about company events, and get on Twitter to check the daily updates of an organization. If your firm doesn’t update and closely monitor company profiles, then you run the risk of missing out on top talent. Take advantage of the benefits of social media for your staffing firm to increase your recruiting efforts and attract skilled applicants.

More Branding
What is a better place to communicate your brand message and the value your staffing firm and your recruiters bring to the table than your social media? This is the place where you have the ability to advertise your services and talk about your successes with a click of a button. Post press releases and award announcements on your company’s social media and ask your team to actively promote your social network accounts. Urge candidates and clients to leave comments on your profiles about their experience with your company, as well as follow you for updates. The more people you reach out to the more loyalty you build to your brand.

More Traffic
More engagement with your audience, more sharing of content faster and easier, more opportunities for recruiting and more brand awareness and loyalty are just a few of the benefits of social media for your staffing firm. All these great things however, create another advantage for your staffing firm. They result in more traffic to your website that otherwise would be limited only to the audience that already knows you. Every time you share something on your social accounts you have a chance to engage people and redirect them to your website thus increasing your SEO ranking and winning more business.

S.J.Hemley MarketingKey Takeaways for The Benefits of Creating an Online Social Media Plan:

  1. Take advantage of the power of social media to engage your audience
  2. Social media platforms allow you to share content faster and easier
  3. The use of social network accounts increases your recruiting bandwidth
  4. Social media helps you boost brand awareness and loyalty
  5. Using social media increases visitor traffic to your website

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