The 4th of July is a special time of year when we celebrate our independence. Some of us spend time celebrating those that got us our independence and many of us simply celebrate. What do you think of when you think of the 4th? Do you think of the UK? Do you think of swimming pools? Do you think of hot dogs and hamburgers? Do you think of the flag or our brave men and women that defend us?

There are so many things that identify with the 4th. Well, now we are talking branding. Repetition. Consistency. Clarity. Duration. Does your staffing firm have the branding of the 4th? Likely not, and you may argue that the 4th has had a couple 100 years to establish its brand and you would be correct. However, the things that define a brand have to be identified and delivered upon. The building of a brand is done through strategic effort. Have you identified what your brand stands for? Have you done a good job delivering it into the marketplace?

Brand matters. Make a 4th of July resolution to identify what is important about your brand. Be sure to document it because now you need to share it with your team. You need to create the means in which to distribute the message and you need to get it out there.

Listen. Understand. Share. Success. Expertise.

To assist you, let me share a little about what identifies our brand. S.J.Hemley Marketing is an expert in marketing for staffing firms, professional services firms and technology companies. We have spent over 20 years working with the widest array of staffing firms from technology to life sciences, healthcare, clinical, construction, to engineering and more.

We are determined to be an amazing listener. We listen to everything about our clients. Listening leads us to understanding. We have to understand all of the facets of your business in order to be able to customize our marketing approaches. We then share the various strategies and tactics that deliver ROI in order to drive success for our clients. We will not let a client down. We are all about the extra mile. Client service drives our behavior.

You may ask, well that is great and everything, but how do you get that into the marketplace? We begin by training our entire team to understand our principles and what it is that we want them to deliver. We create the standard of success. Then, we begin talking the talk in the marketplace. Here is the important part, we start walking the walk. Every interaction is authentic to our brand from the first time you meet with us to strategy meetings to ongoing daily care and marketing efforts. No two clients are the same. Let us help set you apart and build your brand. Happy 4th.

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About S.J.Hemley Marketing
S.J.Hemley Marketing is a marketing and sales consulting firm focused on driving tangible results for professional services firms. Brand matters, but not without ROI. With over 20 years of sales and marketing experience within staffing and recruiting, we have helped to drive successful branding, sales training, lead generation activities as well as defining marketing strategy for top organizations.