As you may know, LinkedIn is a platform for the professional and labor world. Its focus is working as a professional network integrator. LinkedIn is the most effective social media channel for the generation of leads. Staffing firms use LinkedIn marketing to reach candidates. Social media is constantly changing, so we need to adapt our content in light of these new changes.

Are you aware of all the new tools and trends that LinkedIn has to offer? If not, let’s learn!

In this blog, you’ll find seven new ways to improve your reach and lead generation through LinkedIn marketing.

LinkedIn Newsletter

The LinkedIn Newsletter keeps up with the latest news for pages, industries, hashtags and media that you follow. Increase engagement by inviting the public to subscribe to your newsletter. Also, you get subscribers from external fonts. Keep in mind that your subscribers get a notification when you upload a new version. It is important to mention that your newsletter can also appear on Google.

Campaign Manager Tool

Using this LinkedIn management tool helps staffing firms create and analyze LinkedIn marketing campaigns. When creating a campaign, it is crucial that you keep your objectives in mind during set-up. Once your campaign has already started, manage the changes in the same LinkedIn tool, and, track the results to see what changes need to be made for any other future projects.

LinkedIn Events

This feature has been proven to be the most effective way to generate leads. If you create an event, there is the potential to receive the emails of your attendees by adding a registration form. Another benefit of using LinkedIn events is you can do a segmentation to focus on your expected target. When using this feature, you will target your intended audience that is interested in what you have to offer.


Polls have become very popular this year. They generate a lot of engagement and allow you to get to know the point of view of your audience, In addition, you get feedback on your products or services in real-time. Therefore, you can start a conversation with the voters and create content that is of interest to them.

Campaign Insights

Campaign Insights helps you optimize performance, analyze the results of the campaign, and view and adjust how your budget is being utilized. Find this feature inside the campaign management tool.

Message Ads

Another marketing tool that is very useful to communicate with possible clients is Message Ads. This feature collects detailed information about your audience and includes a form that generates leads. In addition, message ads allow you to see who has opened your message. This allows you to follow up with them to share more information about your staffing firm. S.J.Hemley Marketing

LinkedIn Live

Nowadays people are more likely to consume live material. Using LinkedIn Live will allow you to increase the real-time interactions between you and candidates or clients. It’s a method to generate exclusive content that people are really interested in watching. Explore different professional topics to reach a wider audience and make sure to add your hashtags!

Staffing firms use LinkedIn marketing to generate leads and find potential candidates. It can be a very useful tool!

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