In real estate, we hear the words location, location, location, but in marketing its ROI (return on investment), ROI, ROI. When we look at our website, we simply shouldn’t be looking at, “Is it pretty?” We need to be looking at how your staffing firm website produces results. Staffing firm websites should be built on the principal of driving ROI from clients and prospects as well as candidates and consultants.

This blog talks about converting web traffic for both clients and candidates across your staffing firm website strategies.

Converting Staffing Firm Candidates into ROI
So, when it comes to candidate traffic, what are we talking about? We are talking about the content that drives your candidates to choose you to work with and the calls to actions and ways in which candidates begin working with you. Keep in mind that these are two different things. The first is content driven. Why do candidates want to work with you and spell that out on your site? The second is your job search. This is about to be basic – but we all knowHow Friendly to Candidates Is Your Staffing Firm Website? that it is not being done. Does your search and apply on your website work easily? Are your job titles clear? Do they provide specific location information? On the job details page, is it well written?

Well-written is defined as a couple of things.

1. Motivational language about why they should take this job
2. A proper amount of detail about the job (Don’t include unnecessary things)
3. Easy ways to apply. Have you taken a look at your online application to confirm its ease?

ROI on candidates is tied to how many people view your jobs, feel motivated to apply, begin to apply, finish applying, and speak with your recruiters. In order to be successful driving ROI, you need to understand each of these elements in detail.

Staffing Firm Client Conversions
I can’t tell you how many people believe that clients don’t come to their websites to transact business. This is false. They do. If you don’t believe this, stop reading. What outbound marketing efforts are you making to bring clients back to dedicated landed pages? What offers are you using to drive their behavior? What CTAs are you using to get them to convert? In website forms, what questions are you asking them to complete?

Always remember the K.I.S.S. Method (Keep it simple stupid). Everything you ask a client to do should be necessary and simple. For example, have you created a content driven piece on the state of the market? Have you created a case study that other clients might be interested in? Is there a video blog that you have done with clients on a certain topic? All of these and much, much more are to be used as hooks to convert visitors into ROI.

Is your form complicated? Are you asking unnecessary questions? Who receives the completed forms and what happens after they receive it? A large number of firms are not even checking the leads that come from these forms. You cannot get ROI from website traffic if you don’t follow up.
This article is somewhat preachy. But consultants are not going to respond to terrible job ads and clients are not going to respond just because. Your website will convert ROI if you build the things that your audience cares about and create a process to ensure follow up. It’s time to get to work and bS.J.Hemley Marketingump up your staffing firm marketing!

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