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Staffing and recruiting firms are developing strategies for attracting talent in a cutthroat, candidate-driven market. To put it bluntly, it has never been more crucial that your recruitment website outperforms your competitors.

If your website doesn’t quickly provide your candidates with what they want, consider them leaving immediately. Thanks to that, here we provide the must-haves on a staffing firm website.


Staffing firm website must-haves:


1. Keep an updated job posting

Job postings are one of the most important channels in which staffing firms recruit new applicants.  The circulation of job postings remains within the organization, so it is your duty to keep updating it constantly. Why? Because a candidate cannot apply for a position that does not show up on their screen or for a position that isn’t available now. Besides, job postings list all of the prerequisites for a position, and these are subject to change at any time.

Updating job postings on your website is a simple way of having everything in order so applicants get in touch with recruiters easily. Therefore, the job postings need to be up to date, accurate, thorough, candidate-centric, exciting and easy for candidates to understand.

Getting candidates’ interest is the start of smart recruiting and talent acquisition. Overall, candidates are far more inclined to interact with  recruiters  if they are excited about the job posting they saw on your staffing firm’s website.


2. Strong sense of culture emphasized in every position

Your website serves as both your shop front and entrance to potential prospects and clients, and as such, it better represent you best.

Today’s workers base their employment decisions on a lot more factors than just pay and perks. Unfortunately, a lot of executives put too much emphasis on pay when trying to recruit and keep top people since it’s something they can quickly influence. High compensation, therefore, attracts or retains certain people, but firms without the fundamental culture that employees want are unlikely to maintain them long-term.

This open discussion calls for leaders with empathy who can put themselves in the shoes of their employees and comprehend their needs, wants, and anxieties. They are looking for a leader who can humanize themself via relatability and empathy. Empathetic leaders have a positive influence on the organization, including creativity, retention, engagement, and inclusivity, according to research. This way, candidates are willing to take your company into consideration when choosing where to work. It is like an invitation to people that have the same principles as your business, but for them to feel attracted you have to show them first!

The most important use of this comes in the writing of your job descriptions and including what your staffing firm stands for, the type of people they seek to attract to the team and the WIIFM “What’s In It For Me” type of communication to the candidate. While the candidate will be working for your clients, it is important for them to understand the firm they are working with and anything you can include about the client’s culture is even better.


3.Have a referral program listed

A referral program is a technique that increases the number of candidates for your company by using personal recommendations. The question is, why is it relevant to have one listed? The process of creating and operating a recommendation engine results in a stronger relationship with your candidates. It encourages them to talk about your brand.

A structured referral program simplifies and scales the entire process as opposed to waiting for word-of-mouth. First of all, you need to identify possible advocates/ambassadors, then start building a database. Make sure to add referral templates to  adjust  the voice and tone of your brand when directing yourself to the future advocates. This way you are helping your business expand systematically  over time. By bringing in a regular stream of new leads and strengthening your bonds with current candidates.


4.Have Google Job Schema in your site

Start utilizing the Google Job Posting Schema if you want to stand out in the employment market. The fact that so few companies are now aware of or utilizing this potent schema markup gives those that do a huge competitive edge!

In a Google Search, job ads are collected as part of the improved search tool known as Google for Jobs. Google does not allow job postings directly by employers. Instead, it gathers pertinent job listings from several job boards and career websites and presents them in a single Google search. Be sure you show your job positions there!

There are two techniques to guarantee that relevant Google for Jobs searches contain your job. First off, you probably already incorporate Google for Jobs if you use one. If so, relevant searches for your job will start to show up automatically. Then, you still have your position appear in pertinent Google searches even if it’s on a job platform that does not interface with Google for Jobs. You need to integrate your posting with Google directly in order to achieve this. The details needed for the Google Job Schema are available online and should be added by your web developer to ensure that your postings on your staffing firm website are being added to Google Jobs.


5.Make your site accessible

To enhance applicant engagement, a recruiter’s platform must be cutting-edge and user-friendly. The process of making your website accessible and usable to as many people as possible who have disabilities or impairments that limit their internet browsing experience is known as accessibility or ADA accommodations. Strangely, people frequently ignore this aspect of a website.

Starting with screen readers for the visually impaired is one example of specialized software that is frequently needed by people with disabilities.  As a result, the program needs assistance from your website’s layout, markup, and characteristics in order to recognize, navigate, and use it.

Having an accessible website doesn’t have to be difficult.  All l you need is a staffing firm website provider. Who both understands what they’re doing and cares about the browsing experience. The visual, cognitive, auditory, physical, and neurological communities all gain from accessibility. Differently, approach the design and development for each of these groups to connect with your website and have a great experience. With an accessible website, you are reaching a far greater audience.


6.Expose hiring processes and methodology transparently

Honest communication is necessary throughout the hiring process, from the job post to onboarding. Applying candidates want to know what to expect. To ensure that applicants make evident organizational needs, it is necessary to assess the transparency of the following procedures

Being honest allows the applicant to withdraw from the process before you spend time and money investing in the candidate.  Additionally, it gives candidates the time they need to gather supporting evidence and continue to be considered for employment.

A well-designed website is pivotal to winning over job searchers in the digital era. It has never been more critical to outperform the competition with an attractive website.

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