We’ve all heard the adage that please one person and they tell three people, and upset one person and they tell one hundred people. Unfortunately, in today’s world of social media and ratings boards (like Glassdoor and others); they are likely telling ten thousand people, not just one hundred.

Customer, Client, Consultant satisfaction must be at the top of every company’s mind and the minds of every one of their employees. BStaffing Firm Marketingoth good and bad interactions come from all over your organization. Staffing firm marketing departments should be working with leadership in training the team for the best possible results.

So, what are some questions to ask to ensure that the customers interacting with your business are satisfied?

Do You?
• Do you discuss satisfaction and excellence with sales, recruiting, and back office teams?
• Do you ask the technology consultants how well they are doing?
• Do you ask the technology clients how they are doing?
• Do you examine Glassdoor.com reviews and respond appropriately?
• Do you teach best practices to the team?
• Do you focus on net promoter score (NPS)?

Once answering those questions – taking action is the next step. Creating a strategic method that incorporates these important steps is vital in achieving consumer satisfaction. For example: Setting up a monthly staffing firm marketing meeting with your sales, recruiting, and back office teams to discuss satisfaction and excellence.

What’s Important
All of the best training and forethought does not eliminate customer, client, and consultant satisfaction issues, but how you address mistakes in the face of an error speaks volumes about your company as a whole – and customers recognize this. For example if an error was made and a customer reaches out regarding this error via social media – it’s extremely important to answer back in a timely manner. Staffing firm marketing departments or leadership should be responding to and interacting with these issues to create maximum effect.
Sincerity is the key. Practicing proper responses requires diligence and any organization that wants to be successful needs to master these skills.

It’s obvious that customer satisfaction is required for the growth of any company. How satisfied a customer base is impacts the bottom line and shapes the influence with potential customers. Treat customer, client, and consultant satisfaction as a learning experience to show your betterment every day.

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