You probably have heard of marketing automation software such as Hubspot, Yesware, Sense, Herefish, etc., but do you know the benefits of having them? Marketing automation is one of the most powerful tools your staffing firm sales team can have. To be more specific, marketing automation tools are software platforms that effectively market on multiple channels online and automate repetitive tasks. It’s designed to improve your sales and marketing efforts as well as allowing you to save time and expand your leads. So, how does this apply to your staffing firm? Continue reading to find out.

Generate Leadsstaffing firm marketing automation
Marketing automation tools allow you to have a full view of your leads. With tools such as Yesware or Hubspot, you are able to track your leads’ behavior on your website, emails, etc. Given this information, you can respond to them based on their engagement and build relationships more quickly.

With staffing firm marketing automation, you are able to effectively build a relationship with a prospect through trigger-based actions. These actions are all automatic. For instance, based on what a lead has clicked on within your website, your marketing automation software will automatically send them an email based on what they showed an interest in. With these tools, you are automatically sending relevant information to leads and beginning to build a relationship without an initial cold call being your first move. This is all done through the use of workflows. Personalized and automated workflows are triggered though clicks, views, submits, etc. Workflows are also set up with information you already have on potential leads. These automation efforts are there to give the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

Be in the Right Place at the Right Time
With marketing automation, you are given a range of information that allows you to be in the right place at the right time. What I mean by this is that if a lead clicks or downloads a form from your website, the automation software will note that behavior. With proper setup, your sales team can receive notifications whenever an action is taken on your website. Upon receiving the alert, you know that your potential lead is online and available. This is your opportunity to reach out with a high chance of getting a response. This overall process of staffing firm marketing automation decreases lead response time. The action of a quick reply greatly benefits sales efforts and generates leads faster.

Increase Sales Efforts
Your sales team has a full schedule daily, trying to generate leads and build relationships to make the sale. Marketing automation is used to relieve some of these tasks. With the use of automation based on a user’s actions on your website or emails, your sales team is given some more time to create genuine and high-quality relationships. Marketing automation tools and the use of workflows do a lot of the work for you, all you have to do is take the next step and focus on continuing building a relationship.
staffing firm marketing automation
Data and Analytics
Not only does staffing firm marketing automation make life easier with automatically reaching out to potential and current leads, but it also offers features that track data and analytics on those people. This data allows your sales team to make executive decisions and focus efforts on what works best. If you want to generate ROI, use the analytic features in your automation tools to see what works and generates more leads.

Marketing automation for your staffing firm is guaranteed to give you the results you desire for your sales efforts. There are many tools out there to utilize to gain leads, save time, and generate ROI. If you have any questions about marketing, lead generation and sales enablement, feel free to contact us.

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