In our sales and recruiting process, we are all trying to get better every single day. We want our sales teams focused on winnable business. We want our recruiting teams talking to the best candidates. But, how often are we looking at our website analytics to determine how to get better there? Well, the fact is that your staffing firm analytics deliver a great deal of information on how to speak to your target audiences, both clients and candidates, in order to drive better reaction out of both. Check out some of these ideas using your staffing firm analytics and let us know what you think.

Staffing Firm Analytics Driving Your SEO/ SEO Driving Your Staffing Firm Analytics
We all work on our sites to deliver the best search engine optimization possible. When you think about it, your original search engine optimization is done in order to get results, but your results tell you how to improve to get even better results. When you define your keywords you most likely focus on careers, our industry, and client-oriented messages, but have you seen how each of those are performing?

In your analytics you are able to see which back-links are bringing you the most value. You are able to see which pages are getting the best results from your SEO. From this basic information you are able to adjust your strategy in order to deliver results across all of your keywords and your entire site. If, for example, you are performing well on an information security page, then determining what it is that is delivering the results will yield you answers in how to adapt other pages, other keywords, and other on page meta information.

Look at your page titling. Look at the keyword density you utilized on page. Look at where you derived back-links to that content. It does take some investigation on your part, but it doesn’t take long to review and analyze what behavior you are seeing. Applying the same tactics to other pages will bring you results there.

Keep in mind search engine optimization is not about how well you do on a given search, it is how well you do on a given search that yields either clients or candidates for you. This is not an exercise in website traffic reporting, it is an exercise in driving additional candidates, more specific candidates, more qualified candidates, more focused clients and more.S.J.Hemley Marketing

Results Yields More Results
Don’t let your staffing firm analytics turn into a repository of knowledge that you don’t access. Where you improve your analytics will, I repeat will, give you greater results. Analytics are there to give you insight into better marketing practices that improve your overall business performance. Take advantage of the data and the knowledge and you will see the results. Happy hunting!

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