Staffing firms are embracing social media as a way to interact with top talent, build candidate pools, and distribute information about available consulting positions. socialmediaCandidates are making use of social media to search for opportunities within their field and locate reputable staffing firms. Social media also presents recruiters with an amazing opportunity to leverage online employer branding as a way to entice potential candidates. Social media recruiting is a great tool to supplement traditional recruitment practices and the personal component involved in the actual hiring process.

Create a Plan
Before you begin interacting online, you must develop a comprehensive social media plan. What are your goals? What platforms are you planning on using? How often are you going to post to your social media platforms and what is your plan for keeping the content relevant? What is your staffing industry niche and how are you going to reach out to your target talent group? Incorporate your company brand in all of your social media efforts and be sure to thoroughly discuss your company’s social media policy with your team.

Open Up the Lines of Communication
The number one goal of all social media recruiting is to open up the lines of communication and establish a dialogue with potential candidates. Engagement is an essential part of gaining the trust of interested candidates and social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the perfect venues for this type of interaction. Help to reinforce your company’s brand by contributing relevant information to industry-specific online discussions. Don’t forget to regularly post insightful articles to your company’s blog. How-to videos and helpful tips on your staffing firm’s blog are great ways to win over passive candidates.

Professionals Love LinkedIn
Although Facebook and Twitter should be part of a comprehensive social media recruiting plan to target and reach out to top talent, LinkedIn is currently the best platform for social media recruiting. LinkedIn’s interweaved social circles allow you to not only leverage your company’s current network, but also those of colleagues, your employees and all of their individual connections. Be an active participant in relevant LinkedIn groups and establish your staffing firm as a leader in the industry. Due to the constantly rising number of members, LinkedIn is a great way to spread the word about your available positions. Consider running a social giving campaign where candidates, current employees and their personal contacts feel good about liking your company’s LinkedIn profile.

Communicate Client Brands
Keep in mind that in the recruiting world, you are who you represent. Make use of social media outlets to communicate your clients’ brands and the value that they bring to the employment relationship. Let potential candidates know about a company’s corporate culture, benefits program, and flex-time work opportunities. Share award announcements or news press releases when your clients are recognized within their industries. Keep potential candidates in the loop and engaged in an ongoing conversation about the high-quality clients that your staffing firm represents.

Leverage Internal Referrals
Engage your team through social media and encourage them to make personal referrals and share information about your firm on their personal profiles. Pique the interest of personal acquaintances who are currently out of work or unhappy in their current positions. By sharing valuable content about your staffing firm and the clients you represent, your team is assuming the role of brand ambassadors for your staffing firm. When personal contacts see how invested your employees are, they are going to feel good about entering into a consulting relationship with your firm.

Key Takeaways for Social Media Recruiting:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Create a comprehensive social media plan before engaging online
  2. Engage potential candidates in ongoing social media conversations and build a trusting relationship
  3. Utilize LinkedIn as a valuable professional networking resource
  4. Post important information on current clients to communicate their brand message
  5. Encourage current employees to make referrals and share posts on their personal profiles

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