Social Media Guidelines for Your Staffing FirmAre you using them properly? Social media platforms are a great tool of communication with your target audience, and are an effective medium of drawing attention and promoting your business. However, simply creating company accounts on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn is not going to do the job. You need to do more than just that. Being part of your staffing firm marketing strategy, your social media needs careful planning in order to produce the results you anticipate. Below, we talk about some staffing firm social media guidelines that you need to follow to experience the success you want.

Have a Plan
Before you start signing up on different platforms, you need to remember one of the most important staffing firm social media guidelines; define success. If you don’t, you can’t determine whether your efforts are effective or not. Do you know the demographics of your target audience? What do you want to communicate and how often are you going to reach out to them? Who is going to be in charge? Before you launch your social media efforts, you need to get answers to questions like these. You need to develop a social media strategy for your staffing firm with clear goals and expectations.

Choose the Rights Tools
Once you know what you are trying to accomplish, your next step is to choose the tools that will help you meet your expectations. Apart from LinkedIn, which your recruiters already use to search for applicants, you need to create profiles on other platforms in order to engage and interact with your audience. For example, Facebook and Twitter give you the opportunity to target specific groups and participate in industry discussions that increase your company’s brand awareness. Remember that you don’t have to create a profile on every single platform out there. The idea is to use the ones that best serve the needs of your staffing firm.

Share Content
In order to see more and more applicants following your social media accounts, you have to draw their attention and win their interest. The best way to do that is to share engaging content. Use your social media platforms to post industry related articles, as well as job openings and encourage candidates to apply on your website. Write informative blogs –don’t forget to use industry keywords– and distribute them on your channels asking your audience for feedback and comments. Create and share case studies that give an insight to the value of your services and the effectiveness of your team.

Be Consistent
Would you follow a company’s Facebook page that has not been updated for months? Would you make a comment on a company’s Twitter page if you knew that no one will ever get back to you? Don’t bother answering. One of the staffing firm social media guidelines that companies fail to follow is being consistent in interacting with their audience. Keep in mind, social media accounts that are not frequently updated have a negative impact. To avoid that, create an editorial calendar of what to post and when, and follow it to the letter. Hold regular meetings with your team to produce fresh content and determine when and how to get it out there.

Measure Results
The only way to stay on course with your staffing firm social media guidelines is to track the results of your efforts. Did the last blog you shared help increase your SEO rankings? Did it produce the engagement you expected? Did your Facebook campaign bring in the number of leads you anticipated? How many candidates came from Twitter to your website and applied to job openings? Dig into your analytics to evaluate your social media strategy, and determine what works and what doesn’t. Make it a priority to check your data once a week in order to take corrective action whenever necessary.

S.J.Hemley MarketingKey Takeaways for Social Media Guidelines for Your Staffing Firm:

  1. Develop a social media plan for your staffing firm
  2. Determine which platforms best serve the needs of your staffing firm
  3. Produce and share fresh and engaging content
  4. Make sure that your social media accounts are consistently updated
  5. Track the results of your social media efforts

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