There are so many job categories and specialties that it’s easy to get confused on deciding which social media platform is right for your staffing firm. It is critical to know who your primary audience is before creating content and posting on just any social media channel.

Different social media channels attract different audiences. In addition, each platform has different features your staffing firm can benefit from.

In this article, we investigate which social media platform is right for your staffing firm, showing their demographics, special features and how to develop a social media strategy using them. Which ones are more relevant to your staffing firm? How can you use each platform to get crucial information out to your target audience? Let’s dive in!


There is no surprise that LinkedIn is the most used social media platform for hiring talent. LinkedIn allows recruiters to search for candidates. Each profile of the candidate is like a live resume. Recruiters can see an overview of their entire professional history and achievements. Maybe they aren’t on the hunt for a new position now, however, making that connection keeps them as a potential candidate for future job placements. Get to know how to boost your LinkedIn page.

social media for staffing firms

If you are a staffing firm and you are not utilizing LinkedIn to find fresh leads, you are not maximizing your potential search. The biggest advantage of LinkedIn is that all the content is only focused on the labor world. Meaning, that your audience is people in the professional sector looking to make connections to grow their resumes and find people who can make that happen. Because of its audience, you are guaranteed higher engagement in a marketing campaign to reach potential candidates.

There is a point to consider, it is the most common social media platform for recruitment. Therefore, there is a lot of competition amongst employers to net those high-quality candidates. Although LinkedIn has a vast array of benefits, you are competing against every staffing firm for the attention of candidates. Your LinkedIn marketing strategy needs to be unique, and recruiters need to stay vigilant to stand out against the competition.

It is not enough to only brand yourself on LinkedIn, you need to integrate your social media strategies to various channels to get the best results on your hiring hunt.

Facebook – Social Media for Staffing Firms

Who is on Facebook? According to this study, the largest demographic group of Facebook users is between the ages of 25 and 35 years. 18.8% are male, and 12.8% of the population are female. The study also showed that 82% of college graduates say they have a Facebook profile. If you are a technology staffing firm looking for an entry to the mid-level cyber security professional, you may want to take your search to Facebook! Facebook is full of young, go-getters looking to start their careers and a lot of users are using social media to make those connections.

Facebook Ads has an amazing targeting tool that helps you focus on finding the right candidates, and it gives you the chance to reach a target of passive candidates based on their location, interests, and likes. You can have a larger talent pool, but you need to get more creative with post ideas to attract just the type of candidate that you’re looking for.

Besides purchasing Facebook ads, you can also join groups. Is there a group for your alma mater? Maybe a group for cyber security? Facebook has a group for everything! Facebook groups are the holy grail for targeting a specific audience. Everyone in that group has joined because of specific interest or relation to the topic. Many staffing firms don’t properly utilize the many features Facebook has to offer because it is not a social media platform associated with business professionals, however, getting creative widens your search for potential candidates. Check out our blog on how to craft a winning Facebook strategy.

Instagram – Social Media for Staffing Firms

Although Instagram is the least used social media in the staffing world, it is not useless. Instagram is a great visual platform for showing your company culture. Why should people work with you? How is your staffing firm different than every other staffing firm? Show your “bring your dog to work days” or highlight your dress-down days. Highlight the team working remotely through Zoom calls. Show your audience that your staffing firm listens to their employees and takes care of their people.

While you may not use Instagram to attract some seasoned business professionals, you may be able to find some young career seekers looking to make their first connection.

Since 2022, Instagram’s main demographic is 25-34 years old with 31% and 18-24 years old with 30.1%. Use your Instagram profile to feature photos that really showcase who you are and what makes your staffing firm tick.


Lastly, Twitter is a platform that combines the personal and the professional. You are able to see how a candidate thinks. Twitter allows you to engage differently with potential candidates. What kinds of things do they retweet? What is important to them in their personal and professional life? The topics are they chiming in on? Twitter is a space where a lot of users vocalize issues, they are most passionate about. All these things help you decide if a candidate fits the company culture/environment.

Twitter has a mixed demographic and has the most use of targeted hashtags. Creating a targeted hashtag strategy helps you get in front of the right people and make yourself more visible on Twitter. Hashtags also make it easier for you to find the right people. By clicking on certain job-related hashtags, you are able to find a pool of talent looking to be found! S.J.Hemley Marketing

If you want to invest in buying ads on any social media platform, Twitter is a good way to start! It is cheaper and targeted posts get a lot of impressions.

The key to social media is staying current and constant. Keep your content up to date, make sure you integrate as much as possible and use the strengths of each platform to get the most bang for your buck. Social media marketing is a cost-effective way to attract and hire high-quality candidates. Now do you know which social media platform is right for your staffing firm?

If you need help with your social media marketing strategy and implementation, contact S.J. Hemley Marketing!

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