Social MediaSocial media promotes communication across all age groups, education levels and economic demographics, so it is important to incorporate this medium into your staffing firm marketing strategy. The interactive nature of social media allows users to express interest in a particular company, comment as part of a forum, and participate in online conversations with industry influencers. If you are looking to market your staffing services and build your brand, you must embrace the power of social networking and build a comprehensive social media strategy for your staffing firm.

Where Are They?
Although social media allows you to communicate with people all over the world, in order to be effective your social media posts must grab the attention of your distinct target audience. Make use of market research to focus in on potential clients and candidates and determine which social media platforms they visit. Monitor discussions to find out what issues are receiving the most attention and select blog articles and social media posts that speak to those topics. Ensure that your company profiles are complete and contain up-to-date information so that users are able to easily contact your team.

Draw Them In
Once you have their attention, it is essential that you make their visit to your website worthwhile. Post useful material to draw them in and to encourage them to return in the future. Entice them with strong offers and clearly written calls-to-action. Mix things up by utilizing various forms of multimedia to draw them to your website, and avoid text-only posts by attaching eye-catching images.

Encourage Engagement
Increase your follower base by running social giving campaigns and regularly interacting in online forums. Provide helpful insights in order to establish your staffing firm as an industry influencer and command respect within your niche of the industry. Regularly meet with your team and ensure that they are adhering to your established guidelines and actively monitoring your social media platforms. Make sure that your team is using appropriate behavior when engaging with your target audience and remind them that their online interactions are a direct reflection of your staffing firm brand.

Join Forces
When creating the social media strategy for your staffing firm, be sure to include your team in the efforts. The sales and recruiting managers have built up their own social networks, so take advantage of that by encouraging them to become brand ambassadors for your staffing firm. Send out reminders each week and ask your team members to like your staffing firm’s social media posts and share your weekly blog articles. Reward them for any referrals generated and meet on a regular basis to guarantee that they are adhering to your established lead nurturing timelines.

Bring on the Talent
Looking for candidates with a particular skill set? Trying to find information on a new referral? In order to recruit potential candidates and build your talent pool, you need to adhere to the social media strategy for your staffing firm and utilize social media platforms such as LinkedIn. Search tools available on today’s professional networking sites allow employers to locate and evaluate individuals who meet your clients’ needs. Always be sure to include your website address and complete contact information on each of your social media profiles to facilitate communication with your target audience.

Key Takeaways for Social Media at the Service of Your Staffing Firm: S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Make use of market research to learn about your target audience and determine where to focus your efforts
  2. Draw them to your website with eye-catching images and insightful infographics
  3. Promote ongoing engagement by monitoring your profiles and using professional online behavior
  4. Join forces with your sales and recruiting teams to create brand ambassadors and build your network
  5. Utilize social media platforms to build your talent pool

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