staffing firm marketing strategyTime to grow your staffing firm business. Operating in a fierce and extremely competitive industry calls for clear thinking and wise business decisions that generate return on your investment. In order to go down this path, you need to have a staffing firm marketing strategy in place that is capable of taking your business to the next level. Even if you claim that this is already the case and you feel confident about your organization’s direction, it is always smart to evaluate your current strategy and find ways to improve it. After all, you work in a volatile environment. Consider the following factors when you design or assess your staffing firm marketing strategy.

A Step Back
As said before, in case you have already adopted and execute on marketing initiatives in an effort to differentiate and grow your staffing firm business, you need to take a step back and make sure that they are still aligned with your company goals. What you planned to implement 6 months ago, for example, might not be as effective as you think anymore. By regularly looking into your current efforts and evaluating them you are able to take corrective action, figure out new channels and improve your return on investment. Remember that growing your business is not a one-time shot, but rather an ongoing campaign that you have to be in control of.

Choose Your Destination
Regardless of whether you are new to this or you simply realized that it is time to readjust your staffing firm marketing strategy, there is always one rule you need to follow: make sure it serves your company’s objectives. Sit down with your sales and recruiting teams and identify what you want to accomplish and how you plan to get there. The most ambitious tactics are fruitless if they are far from what your organization wants to achieve and the audience it wants to appeal to. If you don’t set the right coordinates from the beginning, it is really hard to stay on course during the journey.

Stay on Course
If you look into the successful players in the industry, you see that they set a course and they don’t digress from it. You need to do the same with your staffing firm marketing strategy. Once you decide where you want to be, identify the right channels to reach out to and communicate with your audience. Technology offers you multiple ways to connect with potential candidates and clients without losing track of your goals. To speak in poker terms, avoid reshuffling your cards all the time, but rather figure out the best way to win the game with the means you have.

Remember Your Fellow Travelers
A very important factor to keep in mind in order to grow your business is that your staffing firm marketing strategy is not the sole responsibility of those who design it. It must be a collective effort that everyone in your organization acknowledges and stands behind. From upper management, to your staff on the field ensure that you include everybody in the mix and you address any concerns or questions they have on how to meet your goals. Be sure to quickly bring up to speed teammates who join you along the journey and be open to ideas and suggestions that make your trip easier.

Counsel the Map Frequently
Going on a trip that you have never been before is challenging and creates frustration. To make sure that you don’t take a wrong turn or that you don’t deviate from the designated route, you need to counsel your map frequently. When it comes to growing your staffing firm business, this map is your staffing firm marketing strategy. To make sure that your plan is progressing the way you expect, you need to check on it regularly. Is your sales team following the steps they are told to follow? Do your recruiters face any problems or do they bring in the number of candidates you anticipated? What initiatives had more effect on your audience? Which areas of marketing can you improve? Use your strategy as your guidance to success.

S.J.Hemley MarketingKey Takeaways for Setting Your Staffing Firm Business Course:

  1. Assess your current strategy to find ways and improve it
  2. Set clear goals and make sure your strategy helps you to serve them
  3. Use the right channels to communicate with your audience
  4. Make sure everyone in your organization is aware of and abides to your strategy
  5. Keep checking on your strategy on a regular basis to find ways and improve it

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