Search engine optimization is all about getting your website noticed by online visitors. SEO ProcessDoes a keyword search result in your company website appearing on the first page of results, or is your staffing firm site buried on the 11th page of results after all of your competitors’ websites? In order to guarantee future growth, search engine optimization (SEO) must be at the top of your priority list. Introduce the following tips into your business strategy as a way to generate interest in your business and boost your staffing firm website SEO.

Feature High-Quality Content
One of the most basic principles behind search engine optimization is that your website must contain high-quality material that users are searching for. Research your target audience and design an editorial calendar that covers topics that are important to that demographic. Write great content that is pertinent to the staffing industry, and make sure that it is updated regularly. Post weekly articles on your staffing firm’s blog and take advantage of both internal and external linking opportunities. Boost your staffing firm website SEO by choosing topics that are going to shed light on important issues and increase your online traffic.

Draw Their Attention
If you are looking to attract the attention of prospective clients and candidates, you need to make your staffing firm website stand out from the crowd. Create a unique selling proposition (USP) statement that details the value that you bring to the table. Make sure that your USP contains keywords that are going to differentiate your firm and draw people to your site. Work with your marketing team to ensure that your points of differentiation are clearly featured in your marketing initiatives and in your actual website design.

Keywords are Key
Promoting your weekly blog posts through social media is a great way to boost your staffing firm website SEO and increase your visitor traffic. Due to the fact that each article is focused on a specific topic, they allow you to introduce relevant keywords and search phrases. By inserting keywords and adding backlinks into each article, traffic is redirected back to your website and opportunities are created to generate new leads for your staffing firm.

Engage Your Audience
Make use of social media campaigns to generate additional traffic and increase your search engine results. In order to keep visitors engaged and boost traffic to individual pages, integrate internal links on your website. When posting new content, direct users back to your blog archives, but be sure to not overdue it with the links. If your visitors get annoyed with excessive linking, they are sure to lose interest. Broadcast your content through your social media profiles and be sure to monitor the conversations to take advantage of any opportunities to engage your audience.

Be In the Know
In order to know where you stand in the search engine rankings, it is essential that you actively track your website’s analytics and use that information to make adjustments when necessary. If you are finding it difficult to stay on top of this information, consider hiring an outside vendor who specializes in the area of SEO. The value of a first page search listing is priceless. If your staffing firm’s listing appears as soon as a prospective client or candidate types in the right keywords, it dramatically increases your chances that they are going to visit your site. Your target audience is extremely busy, so anything you do to get them to your site quickly is good for your staffing firm. Websites buried on page 11 are not going to see much new site traffic, as today’s online user is not likely to be patient enough to make it through the first 10 pages.

Key Takeaways for SEO Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore:S.J.Hemley Marketing

  1. Your website must feature high-quality material that is updated on a regular basis
  2. Create a unique selling proposition that differentiates your firm and draws people to your site
  3. Insert keywords and ad backlinks into each regular blog article
  4. Broadcast new content through your social media profiles and monitor any online conversations
  5. Actively track your website’s analytics and use that information to make adjustments when necessary

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